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My Favorite Projects of 2015 + Looking Forward to 2016

This year has been one wild ride!

I know that tradition is to look back on the most popular posts of 2015, but honestly, sometimes my favorites and what gets traction on social media & Pinterest aren't always the same thing. So I'm doing things a bit differently this year. I'm choosing to look back on some of my favorite projects and moments of 2015...they are the things that tell my story the best and help explain what 2016 will look like (or at least what I think it will look like!)

So first lets look at some of my favorite DIY projects of the year (in no particular order)....

Project Kid's Bathroom Reveal :
We finally wrapped up this little bathroom makeover and its still one of my favorite projects in the house! That sliding barn door window, yea...the most awesome thing EVER! 

Fireplace Makeover :
Now this was my first ever featured on Apartment Therapy and also the first to totally get ripped apart by the general public. It taught me A LOT about how to tune out the negativity that can come from being a blogger in a world full of opinions.  In the end it comes down to how I feel about projects we do around here and guess what!? I happen to love our fireplace...and it looks a million times better to me than it did before! Although, the fireplace and the wall surrounding it are on our list of things we want to readdress in 2016! I can't wait to share more about that!!

Talk about challenging ourselves to do something we had never seen done before. We decided to try pouring concrete over our existing counter tops! What!? Pretty much crazy talk! It worked...mostly...but we definitely would do things differently next time. 

We also tackled our island using reclaimed wood from North Idaho. So far, they have been a dream. I STILL have a finish coat to do, but that will happen in 2016 - along with finishing up our new floating wood shelves (I haven't even talked about  those yet!!!) Also on the kitchen list: replacing the almond colored outlets, repairing and re-painting the island, and touching up paint. Then we should be able to call the kitchen DONE!

Master Bedroom Makeover:
Yay for taking the time to focus on our bedroom! My favorite bloggy thing to do every year is participate in the One Room Challenge. For the spring challenge I chose our Master Bedroom. Things have since changed a bit in here since, but I still love our room and I am super happy we took the time to do it! Our Master Bathroom is 100% on the list for 2016!

Now the next thing on my list of favorites was not really a DIY, but has quickly become a huge part of what I do.

Vintage Shows featuring Averie Lane Boutique:
I have always talked about wanting to have a booth at vintage shows. I grew up with a mom who loved to antique and I married a man who grew up running auctions. I love vintage stuff and we incorporate it into our home decor, but I only have so much room, so turning my love of auctions and yard sales into a side gig seemed like a logical next step. I also wanted a place to showcase my artwork. I paint a lot of arrows, but I knew I was capable of SO. MUCH. MORE! Boy, I could never anticipated how amazing these shows would be! It is hard work, but its a dream come true. I already have 5 shows booked for next year!!!

Speaking of next year, that brings me to one project I'm most excited for in 2016....

oh yes.... baby #4 in the Koogler clan is on its way! We are due June 5th and will get to find out the gender sometime in January! The kids are excited, my husband keeps making "what were we thinking" jokes and I'm over here just trying to keep my shit together! Ha! This might help explain the lack of post towards the end of year. I always suspect a blogger is preggo when the posting derails, don't you? Super true in my case! It was all I could do to keep up with Christmas shows and holiday orders let alone work on house projects and blog!

Being that this is my 6th  (and LASTbaby, I am soaking it up...the good and bad, because its such a precious time and a beautiful miracle! I will do some posts updates after I survive the New Year, so look forward to those!

So there you have it! A look back at 2015 here at Averie Lane. Thank you for hanging in there with me as I navigate some new terrority with my life and this blog! My goal in 2016 is to be better about showing whats going on in all aspects of our life...not just DIY. I'll talk more about those when I put my goal list for 2016 together!

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