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Averie Lane Boutique at Vintage to the Core + New Products in the Shop


I just want to thank everyone who came out and saw me at the Vintage to the Core Show over the weekend! It went better than I ever could have imagined and I think I'm officially hooked!

Before I go further, I need to thank my husband, Justin, for being so awesome...he built my backdrop, constructed my art canvases, and worked the crowd like a boss!!  I just had the best time ever working with him and I love him sooooooo much!! I also need to thank my family for helping with the kiddos so Justin and I could focus solely on the show! Definitely couldn't have done it without them!

Here are a few pics from the show!

Me in front of my first real booth...

and the booth full to the brim and plus some!

I painted my booth sign the morning before we started setting up...nothing like waiting to the last minute (not stressful at all!)...

As for all the artwork at the show, I really pushed myself to be creative with my designs and try new things - even though that is so scary sometimes!

I should hashtag all the new product #Icanpaintmorethanjustarrows ...

The big hit of the day were my small wall hangings! People loved them and they were so fun to make!

I also sold a few pillows which was so fun!!

Here's a shot of our booth about mid much sold so fast that I had to restyle the booth several times! CRAZY!

I really had such a good time! I met so many wonderful people, made some new friends and I am looking forward to working on some custom orders sold at the show!

Over the next few days I will be adding a ton of new listings to Averie Lane Boutique on Etsy so keep checking in to see what's available!

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