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...well hello there!

I fully admit that blogging has taken a huge backseat this last few weeks and I haven't done a great job of explaining WHY.

I am in the midst of Christmas Show season, so ALL of my free time has been spent painting for shows, painting orders taken at the shows and painting orders that have come in through the Etsy shop.  

By no means am I complaining....quite the opposite!

It just means I have to make choices as to how I manage my time (which seems in short supply lately) and so the blog has got the shaft. Which, btw...totally kills me! I miss writing and connecting with all of you! Its a huge part of who I am, you know!?

That said, I'm also enjoying this new season and the work I'm putting into Averie Lane Boutique. Since my first show in May, I have really honed my skills and worked hard to create new product for the shows.  I still have one show coming up this next weekend and then I will have a small break until next year. I have several shows booked already and few more in the works. I will post a show list in my side bar around the first of the year so you know where to find me! I am super excited about them and I can't wait to share more!!!

Speaking of shows, I'm TOTALLY loving the tree I picked out to use at my shows! Its a gorgeous flocked tree that I snagged at Walmart! Its the 7ft tall tree and was $150...a little pricey, but I'm planning on using it at our house this year too! I can't wait to show you! I found a similar one on Amazon for just $89! (affiliate link)

Here's a shot of my both before I add all my product...

and after...

I have to say...its just crazy that we pull this off! My last show was Wintry Market in Boise. I only took my signs and handmade goods and it was AMAZING! I wasn't sure if my art could carry a show, but it totally did!

I'm also working on updating my Etsy shop with some of the new designs. Keep checking Averie Lane Boutique to see whats new!

Like this gold leaf globe (custom phrases upon request!)

I will also be adding some custom pillows soon as well! So excited about these because two words...faux...suede! !!!

I encourage you to follow me on Instagram for all real time updates (I'm @averielaneblog) !

You might see cute pictures like this too,....

Clearly I have LOTS of help around here!!

Well, stay tuned for a few more updates...I have some house updates, life updates and I plan on doing a Christmas tour even though I'm not a part of any bloggy tours this year. Hope you stick around!!

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