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Picking a Cabinet Color- Kitchen Island Edition


You say, "Amber, didn't you ALREADY pick a cabinet color?"

Why, yes. Yes, I did....I wrote about my process for picking a cabinet color and I also talked about the plans I had to finish up the space when I showed you the reveal of our freshly painted cabinets....


(there's always a but...isn't there?)

After finishing our island counter top something just felt off. (more about the counters later this week!!)

It was feeling a bit disjointed, and in all honesty, when I painted the island the first time, I knew I might be painting it again, but I needed to calm the space before I could make a big decision about it.

So, in attempt to make a decision about the island, I played around with the Sherwin William Color Visualizer & Photoshop to give me an idea of what my top two color choices would look like. FYI, this not a sponsored post with Sherwin Williams, I just love the color visualizer tool!

So first lets review the island as is (these pictures are pre new counters, but it should give you an idea of the space)...

Picking a cabinet color for the kitchen island

Picking a cabinet color for the island base cabinets.

As you can see, its white right now. I love how light and bright it feels, but with the new wood top I'm having trouble relating it to the other half of the kitchen with the concrete counters.

Coordinating with white counters and concrete countertops

My gut is telling me to paint the island dark gray/black.  I pulled EVERY color sample you can imagine and laid them out on the new counter.

Color samples on wood countertop

I weeded out the non contenders right away. Too gray, too green, too light, too get the idea! I kept coming back to the color Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams.

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Next I uploaded a photo of my kitchen into the Color Visualizer and selected the area I wanted to change to Iron Ore. I'm totally smitten with the color! What do you think?

Iron Ore on base cabinets

Cabinet color testing using  Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer - Iron Ore

Obviously real life it will look different, but I love the dark two toned look of the island area. I'm even thinking of painting the pantry door in the background - well, all the doors in the house actually, - the same color. Or maybe that will be too matchy matchy...oh, the decisions!

Now, as much as I love the dark gray, people keep suggesting I paint the island a fun color. I hesitate mostly due to the fact we plan on listing our house for sale in the next 6 months and I'm not sure a colored island will have mass appeal. I also don't necessarily want to pigeon hole myself in to a color scheme, but since I do love color, I decided to do a Photo-shopped version using the same color that I painted the laundry room cabinets. Since it was an "oops" paint I don't have a name for it, but I do have the color code:
Color matched to laundry room cabinet color
Here it is photo shopped onto my cabinets...

custom color option on island - green, gray , teal

Picking a cabinet color for the kitchen island - custom color option

KINDA loving A LOT.

Gah!  What do you think about it?

I won't make a decision until I finish the back splash, so in the meantime I would love you all to weigh in on the topic! You might want to check out my Kitchen Redo board on Pinterest to see what I've been pinning, but other than that, lay it on me! I really want to hear your opinions!

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