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Project Kid's Bathroom: DIY Barn Door Window Cover for the Bathroom

This week we will be revisiting past #projectkidsbathroom posts leading up to the BIG REVEAL of the finished bathroom! I know you have all been waiting and I am finally ready to share the space!
So join me each day this week as we look back at all the project we've done!
You can catch up by clicking the links below:

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This project is flat out my favorite project we've done in #projectkidsbathroom !

Not only does is it function just like we need it too, it looks totally awesome!

For some reason when I was trying to come up with a window treatment for the bathroom, I couldn't make myself go the traditional route. We took down the nasty mini-blinds and I loved the way the window looked completely open. ALL. THE. LIGHT!

Obviously that is a bit of a problem in a bathroom, though. No one wants their bathroom shenanigans exposed for the whole neighborhood to see, yet I really couldn't picture a curtain or any sort of blinds. No thanks.

Here's a before, lest you forget...

DIY Barn Door Window Cover for the Bathroom - before

Our solution? So glad you asked (wink wink)...

DIY Barn Door Window Cover for the Bathroom - after

What's better than a sliding barn door!? It lets me keep all the light and when someone needs to use the bathroom it just slides shut! Best of all, we built the whole thing from random hardware parts that you can find anywhere!

Hello! Like I said..its my favorite!

Here's the supplies we used to complete this project and the steps of how we did it:

DIY Barn Door Window Cover for the Bathroom - supplies

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1.  32-Piece Locking Peg Hook Assortment
2. 3x3 Thick Cloverleaf Aluminum Sheet or here at Home Depot Cloverleaf Metal Sheet
3. Machine Screws - #8 32 x 1 12"
4.  Steel Conduit Hangers with Bolt and Nut x 2
5. #8 x 3/4 wood screws
6. Simpson Strong Ties - 8 inch
7. 1x4 Pine common board painted white
8. 1/2 Electrical conduit - 10 ft length

Table saw

Here's what we did - keep in mind, if you decide you want to build something similar, you will have to work with your own measurements as each window will be unique.

Step 1: Measure & Plan
DIY Barn Door Window Cover for the Bathroom

We started by measuring the window and wall space to make sure we had enough space to do a sliding barn door. Kind of a "duh!" step, but it almost didn't fit, so glad we measured!

To get the measurements we needed, we measured our window width and then doubled those measurements. This gave us an approx length of conduit needed. We added a couple inches on to this measurement to ensure adequate length.

We then measured our window and added 1/2 inch to to the length and width for our window covering. Our window covering size was also dictated by the window sill that stuck out from the wall. We had to build the covering so it slid above the sill. Ideally I would have wanted the covering to hide the bottom part of the window, but we didn't want to mess with the window sill.

Step 2: Building the window cover 

To start we cut our frame boards. Two for the width and two for the length.  Next, we cut a channel in the frame pieces for the metal sheeting to sit.

DIY Barn Door Window Cover for the Bathroom - building the window cover frame

We then connected the frame with pocket screws using our Kreg Jig. Once the frame was together we cut the metal sheet to size and placed it in the frame. We used glass glazing points to hold it in place.

DIY Barn Door Window Cover for the Bathroom - attaching the barn door hardware

If you need more in depth instructions, here's a great tutorial on how to build cabinet doors (the correct way!) Just replace the center panel with your metal.

3: Attaching the Hanging Hardware

DIY Barn Door Window Cover for the Bathroom - attaching the barn door hardware

We took two strong ties for each end of the door, positioning them so about 2-3 inches extended above the top of the door. We used the holes in the strong ties as guides. Next we opened the pack of peg hooks - ignoring everything in the pack, except the little black plastic spacers. We placed one spacer between the ties and then bolted the ties together. The spacer acts as a roller on the metal conduit- helping ensure a smooth glide! Genius, right!? The final step of the hardware was adding some wood screws to the empty strong tie holes, for added support and we didn't want to have empty holes.

4: Hanging Conduit

After cutting the conduit to the length we used it as a guide to determine where our conduit hangers needed to go. We screwed the conduit hangers into the wall (ignore the huge hole below, we had a little booboo...) allowing enough room for the door to slide open and closed. 

DIY Barn Door Window Cover for the Bathroom - hanging the barn door window cover

5: Hanging the Door

To hang the door, we inserted one side of the conduit into the conduit hanger, then slid the door over the conduit. Next, we slid the whole door down to one side so we could stick the other end of the conduit up into the other conduit hanger. Once it was in place we tightened down the conduit hangers. 

After all that, it looked like this....

DIY Barn Door Window Cover for the Bathroom - hanging the barn door window cov

In case you are wondering about the privacy provided by the metal, we tested it at nighttime and it does the job - but this is a second story bathroom with no neighbors looking directly in. You may want to test it at your own home before just assuming it will provide privacy.

Here's a sneak peek of the finished bathroom and the sliding window cover in place.

Its pretty crazy awesome, right!?

DIY Barn Door Window Cover for the Bathroom - after

It's so perfect!

I did have to adjust the scope of artwork I planned for this wall since the window cover takes up the whole space, but I love it!! (oh, gosh! I already changed the gallery wall around a bit too! I have a great GIF on my Instagram featuring that little makeover!)

Door Window Cover for the Bathroom - a wood and metal barn door for the bathroom

I'm so glad we skipped the traditional window covering and opted for this snazzy barn door!

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