Farmhouse Ceiling - removing ceiling tiles

Last week I talked about the studio, but I am jumping over to another project that happened last weekend as well. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know we did a little exploratory demo in our living room.

The ceilings in the living area were clearly several inches lower then in the rest of the house and I assumed that the tiles were glued to the old plaster, so I wasn't thinking we would be touching them anytime soon.

Farmhouse Ceiling - removing ceiling tiles

BUT....Curiosity got the best of me ( a trait I am sure many DIYers share with me) and I just had to know what was up there.

Farmhouse Ceiling - removing ceiling tiles

It started with just one tile, which I soon discovered was stapled to 1x4 wood boards and they were very easy to pull down...

Farmhouse Ceiling - removing ceiling tiles

Farmhouse Ceiling - removing ceiling tiles

I could see the old plaster ceiling up above and it looked in decent shape, so we kept pulling tiles down. (my nephew was happy to help!)

Farmhouse Ceiling - removing ceiling tiles

Farmhouse Ceiling - removing ceiling tiles

This was completely impromptu so we didn't even bother moving furniture or rugs.

Farmhouse Ceiling - removing ceiling tiles

As we progressed, we realized that the ceilings would not be salvageable. It was pretty clear that when its time to remove the wood strips we are going to lose our plaster as well. Which isn't necessarily the end of the world because I have some ideas for this room anyways, but it does put a hold on more demo until we can determine what the insulation is sitting on (aka is there decking in the attic or is it just sitting on the plaster?) Either way, its going to be a mess so not the project for a snowy day.

This means we are living with this...

Its not pretty folks. Who wants to come over and climb up in our attic?

My almost bro-in-law was kind enough to climb up and scope things out for us last night. It looks like the insulation IS sitting on the plaster. So that means it will all come down when we remove the plaster. He also discovered the original exerior of the house is still up there as well...siding and all. So  opening the ceilings just got a bit more complicated (not that is wasn'tt already). We knew the main living room was an addition in the 50's but weren't sure exactly how they had done it. It also explains all cracks in the plaster on the walls and on the ceiling. Fun fun.

Averie Lane Farmhouse : Studio Makeover Part 1

We are kicking off the New Year with a tiny project in the basement...the studio!

If we are being technical, its the "temporary studio" makeover. We have plans to build an actual big studio eventually, but for now it is a small bedroom in the basement. Even though it is small, it is leaps and bounds better than my old studio, which was just the kitchen table!

You may remember this room from the Farmhouse Before Tour....

Studio Makeover Before - painting knotty pine panneling

Studio Makeover Before - painting knotty pine panneling

Not exactly a bright and welcoming space to spend 40+ hours a week is it? 

Since we have a bit of a break between shows I decided to give it a makeover to not only brighten it up, but make it a lot more functional.

First up, paint! I decided to stick with the same color as in our Master Bedroom: BM Simply White. I intend to use it throughout the house so it was a no brainer. 

I used a brush to fill all the grooves and then rolled the flat parts. It took 3 coats and could've probably used at least one more, but I was kind of over painting so I just left it. 

Studio Makeover Before - painting knotty pine panneling

Once the walls were painted I realized the ceiling and the door looked dingy, so they each got a coat of paint too.
Studio Makeover Before - door before

Hopefully I can get my lighting right for the final photos, because the color of the door is a beautiful earthy blue green. (you may remember I used it on my laundry room cabinets at our last house!) Its pretty similar to the color Emily Henderson just chose for her new kitchen. Maybe she reads my blog? haha! Not. 

Studio Makeover Before - door after

The paint is done and I'll leave you with this teaser of my future farmhouse style desk! Its going to be amazing!!! 

Farmhouse Desk Before


DIY Winter Wreath - Pinspiration Market Blog

I thought I would pop in today to share some fun news!

I am now a contributor to the NEW Blog! My friend Linda, the creator of The Great Junk Hunt and Junk Salvation is starting new market designed to bring makers together in a unique shopping experience. These markets will allow you to shop the latest Pinterest trends all in one place without the work!

For those of you who still like a good project, I'll be writing about simple DIY and home decor projects that you can do yourselves! My first post is up now and I would love for you to pop over to learn how to make your own DIY holiday wreath! Its the perfect wreath to leave up the rest of winter!

DIY Winter Rope Wreath

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