Floral Dresser Before & After | Tones for Tots Little Piggy

 Well, hello there!

Its been awhile hasn't it? I knew going into the spring show season I wouldn't have much time to blog, but I didn't realize just how crazy we were to try and do 6 shows in 3 months during my third trimester (and while my husband works a regular full time job!)! My signage was way more popular than I could've hoped for, so I did tons of painting on the off weeks between shows just to keep up with demand.

Anyways, during that time I was sent the new line of Fusion Mineral Paint to test out. Its called Tones for Tots and is formulated to be 100% safe to use around your little kiddos! It also comes in the prettiest shades of nursery friendly colors.

Dresser Makeover | Tones for Tots | Fusion Paint Color Chart

When I saw the new line of colors, I knew immediately what I wanted to use it on and exactly what color I wanted to use.

Dresser Makeover | Tones for Tots | Fusion Paint | Dresser Before

This dresser has been hanging out in our closet for a few years. We used it for storing baby clothes, but his stuff has since been moved to his new room and I didn't really want to use the dresser as in anywhere in the house since it doesn't really "go" with our other decor. The thing is though, its not a dresser I'm ever going to get rid of. It just happens to be part of a nursery set that my mother-in-law bought when my husband was born. Basically a 1980's family heirloom.

Good thing I have a little girl in need of a dresser, right!?

So I picked out the color Little Piggy and gave the dresser 3 coats of paint (after a cleaning and a light sanding). Even though I used a crappy brush the paint went on beautiful! I think it would've covered in less coats had I not started with such a dark dresser.

Dresser Makeover | Tones for Tots | Fusion Paint Little Piggy
Dresser Makeover | Tones for Tots | Fusion Paint Little Piggy Progress

At this point, I could've been done. This paint finishes beautiful and doesn't require a topcoat so all I needed to do was distress the edges slightly and pop the knobs back on to be done, BUT(...haha...there's always a but, right?) my girl has been BEGGING me to paint her a flower picture for weeks and it occurred to me that this dresser was basically a giant blank canvas, so I let her pick a few colors - a couple of Tones for Tots colors, plus a few to aid in the design and I started free-handing some flowers on the dresser.

Dresser Makeover | Tones for Tots | Fusion Paint | adding hand painted flowers

Then I added some detail (you've all been getting teasers on Instagram!) in the style I do on my signs.

Dresser Makeover | Tones for Tots | Fusion Paint | adding hand painted flowers

Ready for the BIG reveal?


(Forgive my poor photos! Not only was I using my iPhone because my camera tripod is broken, but I had to stage this in my bedroom because I couldn't get the dresser upstairs by myself. Our room doesn't get the best light and I had to work around our bed too. Oh well! We are actually working on a solution to make photographing projects much easier...I can't wait to share more about it!)

What do you think? Its a bit crazy, but I love it! Especially how the floral wraps around the side as well!

Dresser Makeover | Tones for Tots | Fusion Paint Dresser After
I had so much fun styling this dresser using some of the signs from my shop: Averie Lane Boutique and a few props from around the house! 
Dresser Makeover | Tones for Tots | Fusion Paint | Floral Dresser Makeover After

Dresser Makeover | Tones for Tots | Fusion Paint | Floral Dresser Makeover After

Dresser Makeover | Tones for Tots | Fusion Paint | Floral Dresser After

Dresser Makeover | Tones for Tots | Fusion Paint | Floral Dresser Makeover After

The best part is, my daughter freaking LOVES it. She picked out tiny pink glass knobs for the top drawer and I used the Tones for Tots paint color from the dresser to paint the original knobs for the rest of the dresser. I love how they just disappear and let the floral pattern shine.

Dresser Makeover | Tones for Tots | Fusion Paint | Averie Lane Boutique Sign on Floral Dresser

I totally get that this style of painting isn't for everyone, but I think its the perfect thing for a little girls room! I plan on making a few tweaks to her Granny Chic Room (we've already changed out the bed) so the dresser fits in better and I have a sign project in the works to personalize her space even more! Eventually the room will become a shared space for our girls so I'm okay with giving it a little makeover.

Speaking of...maybe my next post will be introducing baby! She should be here any day!

(Disclosure: The paint for this post was provided to me for free, but all the opinions are completely my own and not influenced by the company providing the materials.)

Show Prep - Vintage Whites Market SLC 2016

I promised you that I would be better at showing you what real life is like around here since its pretty obvious that I don't spend all my time on DIY projects and room makeovers. Today is just that. A glimpse into what my life looks like right now.

Trust me, there isn't anything pin-worthy about my house and I didn't even bother cleaning up for you because I've been painting nonstop in preparation for the first show of the season. That show just happens to be Vintage Whites Market (which is NEXT WEEK! eek!) and I'm so incredibly grateful that the founders of Vintage Whites (yes...the same ones with a killer blog and recently featured in Country Living Magazine!) chose me to be a part of their amazing show, that I don't even mind all the hard work and long hours I've been putting in.

Let's face it, the kids are watching way too many movies...

...the house is almost a lost cause and could really use a little attention...

...not to mention, my pregnant body aches from sitting on a hard metal chair for hours at a time.

Just when I think I can't paint any more, my husband comes home from a long day of work and immediately jumps in to help with framing signs, working on vintage furniture or anything else that might help me reach the end of my to do list.

In the end, I may not know exactly what the future holds or whether or not I will be successful in what I'm doing, but I have peace and faith in HIS plan for me no matter how crazy things are right now. So, if you need me, you know where to find me. I'll be the one covered in paint at my kitchen table painting the day away.

PS. I've added a list to the side bar of all the shows I'll be doing this spring!

Diy Little Mermaid Cake (no piping skills required!)

I don't know about you, but when it comes to decorating cakes, I pretty much suck. It is not a skill set I possess and even though I've tried really hard to learn, it's just not happening. I can bake a cake, but when it comes to fancy frosting and piping....no. Just, no.

Lucky for me, I have some awesome relatives who DO possess said cake skills, so its not often the kids go without awesome birthday cakes (you can see what I'm talking about HERE, HERE, and HERE ), but what happens when mamma is on her own and the kid requests a Little Mermaid Cake? 

Well, I discovered a little secret (well, its probably not really a secret) .... frosted, but NOT decorated cakes from the bakery! In my case I used a huge cake from Costco (hello...$18.99!!) Obviously, I could've just ordered something decorated from the grocery store bakery, but Costco cakes are a really good deal, taste super yummy(ours was chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling) and are huge! There's only problem with Costco cakes...you are limited on what they will actually decorate your cake with and they don't offer any character cakes. Lame.

My solution?

How about a Costco cake combined with a cheap play set from Amazon? #winnerwinnerchickendinner !!

This is what you'll need to recreate your own Little Mermaid Cake:

Follow the steps below to easily build your cake!

DIY Little Mermaid Cake from a frosted but not decorated cake
If ordering a cake from Costco, just specify on the order form which flavor cake you want with white frosting and with piped edges, but no design.

DIY Little Mermaid Cake using a Disney Mini playset
My daughter loves these little sets and they are the perfect scale for a cake, not to mention its a built in gift for the birthday kid! 

Little Mermaid Cake tutorial  using a prefrosted costco cake
I place the castle first so that I can squish it into the frosting. This keeps it stable if you will be transporting the cake. Follow up by sprinkling crushed graham crackers around to resemble a beach.

DIY Little Mermaid Cake - no piping skills required
Sprinkle the blue sugar where you want the ocean to be. I found it helpful to press the sugar into the icing slightly to help it stay in place. 

DIY Little Mermaid Cake - cake tutorial - costco cake
Place your figurines around the cake. My daughter really wanted to recreate the scene where Ariel gets her legs, but I thought it was best if Ariel kept her clothes on for this one. 

Little Mermaid Cake tutorial using a costco cake
We happened to have leftover candy from our goodie bags so we used it to embellish the cake even more. My daughter had a lot of fun telling me where to put all of them.

It's that simple!!!

Little Mermaid Cake tutorial

If I didn't know I made it, I would've totally thought it came done from the bakery, wouldn't you!?

Little Mermaid Cake tutorial
Letter E - built by my husband | Cake Stand - Vintage | Plate - IKEA | 

I almost didn't even write this tutorial because of how easy it was, but then I thought, why not!? I'm sure there are lots of times when we want to add our own DIY touches to a party, but things like frosting and piping a cake are out of our comfort zones. This solution is so easy that your kids could probably do it themselves!

I really hope you will give this idea a try and if you do, I want to see your cakes!

DIY Little Mermaid Cake Tutorial using a costco cak and a disney play set

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