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Simple FROZEN Party

Simple FROZEN Party - birthday party on a budget -

When I say simple, I mean SIMPLE.

A chalkboard, a couple tulle pom poms and some fake snow - all from previous parties!

If you have followed me for awhile, you know that when it comes to parties, I never go to crazy (well....except this one time...) instead I just pull things from around the house.

In this case, I moved our old TV stand into the corner of the living room closest to the kitchen.

old buffet used to stage a simple Frozen Birthday Party

I used an old window frame and a vintage box to help give some dynamic to the vignette.

Simple FROZEN Party - birthday party on a budget - using vintage window, old box, chalkboard

Hung a few poms from last year's party...

...and grabbed  my vintage chalkboard to do a little free hand chalk art for the birthday girl - the morning of the party no less.

Chalkboard for the birthday girl "some people are worth melting for" Olaf

All of that was just to support the REAL star...

Frozen Elsa Cake and a vintage chalkboard

...this beautiful Elsa cake!

Elsa Birthday Cake

Just like the last few parties, ( HERE - ballerina bear, , HERE - cowboy bear & HERE, farm animal cake ) my cousin stepped in to help with the cake, because as you know, I DIY a lot of things, but cakes never make that list (unless its my go to Crazy Cake recipe...)

I finished it off with some fake snow left over from Christmas.

fake snow for a FROZEN birthday

 The birthday girl really loved playing with it too!

The birthday girl and the party decor - Frozen themed birthday party

So, see, not complicated at all!

Frozen Themed birthday party - vintage decor, Elsa Cake, Chalkboard

Proof, that you don't have to go dropping hundreds of dollars for cute party decor!

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