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Yard Sale Tales {week 10}

What a weekend!

Busy busy we were! We spent almost the whole time at yard sales or in the hay fields. That pretty much sums up the way we roll around here...

We hit some yard sales when my hubby got off work on Friday and finished the day bringing in the first load of hay. I am seriously impressed that the hubs and my sister-in-law were able to do it all on their own...little E and I were just responsible for driving the truck...which is not nearly as tough as throwing hay bales! Saturday we needed to pick up pig feed again, so we yard-saled all the way to Bonners Ferry and all the way back. We had the day off from haying since the hay wasn't baled yet, but we still had to unload all the feed...I am SUPER excited because the last couple batches of cow food came in burlap feed bags! I am so excited to save them to recover some yard sale chairs!! Stay tuned for that project...waiting on the cows to eat up all their food may take a little while.

Now for this weeks finds!

We didn't find much, but what we did find makes me REALLY happy!!!

I love the old school has tons of pen markings on it, but I think I will be able to clean that off. I hope to preserve the alphabet and numbers, but worse case scenario I can repaint the chalk board part. I haven't decided where to use it, but it might be my first chalkboard art project for the baby room....OR....I will turn use it in the office redo to make a child art station. Gotta think on that one...

Both Justin and I LOVE this old book! Its missing its binding, but we both agree it should look pretty cute displayed in the baby room! Also we picked up a Russell print for the baby's room ... I think all the colors work so well together!

Another fav purchase was this little paint-by-number that I was painted in 1947 by what I think must have been a young girl named Muriel Thompson( she signed the back) I don't know if you know how popular vintage paint-by-numbers are...but they can easily range from $10- $40 and up! This one isn't perfect, but a great entry level piece I think!! I also grabbed the little cup and plate out of a free box. They are a nice compliment to a little grouping of blue and yellow I have going in my entry way- when we eat the soup that is one of my cast iron pots, I'll post pics!

I normally only see things that I need or fit my house, but once in awhile I grab things for my family.

In this case I found some stuff for my older sister...a Wilton cake pan and a set of pineapples made from pine cones! I think they will look super cute in her rustic Hawaiian inspired house, but if not I only spent 35 cents on the grouping! LOL!

I also got a brand new Vera Bradley purse that matches my mother-in-laws pattern for only $1, a bunch of fabric for $1 and a little desk chair for 25 cents (not pictured because I'm not sure if its staying...).

We also bought a patio dining set and a balance bike for Ellery off of our local Facebook Yard Sale page- which blew about half of our yard sales earnings from last week, but was only about a third of what we would've spent new! I'll post pics of the dining set when it gets moved around to its new home!

Sucha great weekend with my little family!

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