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Little Cowboy First Birthday

Yesterday I showed you the darling little set up for my daughter's Ballerina Sparkle Party and I promised you another party today!

Bull skull and Binting, Party Backdrop and Cowboy Bear Cake

This party was super fun to style, because I got to use all of my regular decor - like my bull skull (which if you can't tell, totally inspired my recent blog redesign) and my old ladder - to achieve the cowboy theme!

I just added the cowboy bunting and the photos of the little cowboy himself!

Fabric Bunting, Photo display, Chicken wire frame

For the bunting, I cut a pennant shapes from random scrap fabrics that also coordinate with Everett's bedroom; leaving the edges raw to get a frayed look (or maybe I was just to lazy to sew them all...??)
I then lined them up and ran them through my sewing machine to link them together! 
(I might try and put a tutorial together on how I did this)

I couldn't let all those little triangles go to waste from my big bunting, so I made a mini one too!
It added a little something to my vintage chalkboard that greeted guests!

Old door, vintage chalkboard and bunting

I also love my photo display on the old ladder! I just tied some jute rope to the top of the ladder and used clothes pins to clip pictures on! Instant photo display!
Old ladder, bull skull, bunting and photos

 I love being able to look back at how much he has grown!

Jute rope tied to a ladder with clothes pins holding on photos

The little cowboy theme was complete with this cowboy bear cake!
Again my cousin pulled out all the stops to create this!

(I will fully admit, decorating cakes is something I am NOT good at!)

Cowboy Bear Birthday cake

If you can't tell by the last two parties, I don't do fancy overly styled parties...don't get me wrong, I love a well styled party as much as anyone, but...
#1: I'd rather spend my money on gifts & party food
#2: to plan a big styled party with two toddlers while being pregnant with a third baby just isn't going to happen 
#3: I only have one little area where I can set up a party which limits what I can do.

Just keeping it real, folks!

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