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Ballerina Sparkle Party

Since I am feeling in the party spirit, I thought we would have a party themed week here at Averie Lane!

First up is this adorable Ballerina Sparkle Party that I just put on for my daughter Ellery.
The theme was totally thought up by her and I did my best to meet her requests!

Ballerina Bear Cake , Chocolate Cupcake and Birthday Party Display

I was able to reuse much of the decor from her First Birthday (don't judge my awful photography skills!) so that kept costs to a minimum.

In fact looking at receipts, I spent a grand total of $38 on decor.
That was for 4 Giant Pom Poms and a canvas from Costco! All of which will find a home in Ellery's room! (Have I mentioned I hate wasting money on things that won't serve another purpose?)

Some of the reused items were the "Happy Birthday" banner and the framed "Ellery".

Wire frame, Happy Birthday Bunting and Tulle Pom poms

You can't have a ballerina party without tulle so I made the pom poms. There were several tutorials for DIY Pom Poms on Pinterest, but most required templates and circles...and seriously, way to much thinking.

I ended up referencing THIS TUTORIAL , substituting cardboard rectangles for the book.
My tip of the day- the more tulle the better!!!
Seriously, you can not have too much tulle. I mixed white, pink and sparkle tulle to achieve the look I wanted.
Sparkle Pom Pom

The party would not have been complete without a cake!
Ellery requested a ballet cake and my amazing cousin whipped up this little beauty!! It captures the Ballerina Sparkle theme PERFECTLY!!
Seriously the cutest cake on the planet!! She even made the bear a real tutu!! (I'm trying to convince her to start a cake business!)

Ballerina Bear Cake

The birthday girl loved it!!! 

I wasn't able to get any great shots of the whole set up- since it was a evening party, but It was super adorable!
I love the giant E that found its way into the set up - I actually had my hubby build it for an entirely different purpose, but it fit perfectly with the party decor!

Cake Stand, Decorations for Party Backdrop

Come back tomorrow to see how this same space was transformed for my little boys first birthday!!

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