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Project Kid's Bathroom - How to Personalize Builder Grade Lighting

This week we will be revisiting past #projectkidsbathroom posts leading up to the BIG REVEAL of the finished bathroom! I know you have all been waiting and I am finally ready to share the space!
So join me each day this week as we look back at all the project we've done!
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Are you ready for another installment of #projectkidsbathroom?
I'm sure you have been on pins and needles all weekend!
Ha ha, well maybe not, but I sure have.
I feel like my whole weekend revolved around lighting.
You can see that in the before picture the light was way too big (it literally made it hot up there and was way brighter than necessary.) I also really really dislike vanity lights. I don't know why, but they always feel builder grade to me, especially ones with fluted shades. 
My apologies to all the fluted shade lovers out there, they just aren't my thing.
Project Kid's Bathroom Lighting - before

I've been pining for a vintage style barn light for ages like these... I ran to +Lowe's Home Improvement and +The Home Depot to grab a few options. I even was smitten with a cute lantern style so I threw that in as well. I just knew one was bound to work.

Option A: The lantern and my husband's top choice, ($69 from Home Depot) ended up being way to big. It would've hung in front of the mirror and moving the wiring higher is not an option right now. So it was out. 
Lantern Style light - too big

Option B: Barn Light ($39 from Lowes) was my first choice and I LOVED the look! 

Barn Style Light

Not so fast...

Barn Style light on - not enough light
Womp womp.
A sad peasily amount of lighting was all we could get out of it. The bulb was just to obstructed by the large shade and with no overhead lighting to compensate, it wasn't going to work. We knew the small barn light wouldn't be better so we we didn't even bother hanging it up.
Saddest. Day. Ever.
So we took back the lights and browsed around looking for options that fit our aesthetic - vintage, western, chic? and our budget - ACAP (as cheap as possible!)
Even tho I wanted to avoid it, the obvious choice was a vanity light. 
My husband suggested going with an inexpensive light and then changing the shades like I did our pendant lights in the kitchen.
Like this...
Vanity Light plus new shades equal a custom light!

...believe it or not, I actually like it!

It gives a very vintage vibe and dare I say it looks much more expensive than before?

Custom Vanity light for under $40!

What do you think?
Should I have stuck to my guns with the barn light? 
Have you had success using barn style lights in bathrooms?

I think I will have to find a different area in our home to use them because I still really want one or two (or five!)

Have you been following #projectkidsbathroom?

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