Easy Lighting Update for under $15!

DIY has taken a bit of a back seat around here- mostly due to the sleeping, pooping ball of joy named Elynn...

But, those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile, know that I can't go long with out getting my hands on something.

...you also know that I like low cost - high impact updates.

So, when I found these shades at Home Depot for under $5, I grabbed them! (I also get a 10% for being military on top of that!)

Here's what I was working with before...

Easy Lighting Update for under $15!

Perfectly nice lights, but frosted weird glass isn't really my thing. Plus, the large white shades totally drew your eye to them in bad way. Mainly, calling attention to the fact that they are off centered to the hood vent.

Ugh, WHY?

Here's a better look of what I'm talking about...

Easy Lighting Update for under $15!

Now the after...

Easy Lighting Update for under $15!

See how they are just a bit more streamlined. In fact now they kind of just blend in. A statement lighting fixture was not right for this space at all, so this works great! I also like how they have a vintage mason jar vibe without being literal (gotta be thinking resale!)

Easy Lighting Update for under $15!

Now for how they look in context...oh, yea...the shade over the sink got changed out too!

Easy Lighting Update for under $15!

Not bad for less than $15! Maybe not the biggest makeover I have done, but I am SOOOOOO happy to be rid of the other shades!!

Here's side by side, just for fun (pardon the iPhone shot)

Easy Lighting Update for under $15! Before & After

What do you think? 
Do you like one better than the other?

I have to admit, this small change is really helping me finalize my vision for our kitchen makeover!

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