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Project Kids Bathroom - Tile

This week we will be revisiting past #projectkidsbathroom posts leading up to the BIG REVEAL of the finished bathroom! I know you have all been waiting and I am finally ready to share the space!
So join me each day this week as we look back at all the project we've done!
You can catch up by clicking the links below:

Part 1 : The Before

I thought I would pop in and give a little status update on our kid's bathroom makeover.
I thought for sure I would be showing you our vanity revamp by today, but that's not the case.
Because we found tile.

I honestly didn't think we would find tile over the weekend, but the tiling God's must have been smiling down on us, because when we walked into The Home Depot Saturday afternoon we saw the perfect tile and whisked it home! 
Well, that's not totally true, we found the tile, but they only had 4 boxes and the rest were up in overhead stock, so it took almost 30 mins to get it down. We ended up buying way more than we needed so we would have enough for our master bathroom too.
Did I mention we've been scouting tile for MONTHS!!??! I was struggling to decide between gray tones or to keep in the beige family to fit with the rest of the house. Justin has wanted to go gray from day one, but I knew that it would create a domino effect in renovations. Luckily the tile we found over the weekend is the best of both. It leans more gray, but works incredibly well with the browns and beige in our WHOLE house so there is no rush to replace carpets and paint (even tho that is on the House Goals list)
So anyway, we spent Sunday painting walls and prepping for tile. We got the last one laid, just before it got to dark to see (more on our lighting issue later...)
So here is a before pic of the space...

I got the first couple coats of paint on the vanity and then we broke out the tile saw...

Did I mention, I LOVE cutting tile!?
For REAL! Other than the fact I'm usually pretty dirty and look like I wet my pants when its all said and done.

Here is Justin laying the last tile! 
(ignore the bad lighting and blurriness...we were about to keel over with exhaustion, yet couldn't contain our excitement at finishing!)

and here is where we left it Sunday night.

I am sooooooo freaking excited about our choices so far!

The list of To Do's is still long, but this week we are focused on getting grout in and painting the cabinet doors.

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