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Project Kid's Bathroom: DIY Antler Hair Accessory Organizer

This week we will be revisiting past #projectkidsbathroom posts leading up to the BIG REVEAL of the finished bathroom! I know you have all been waiting and I am finally ready to share the space!
So join me each day this week as we look back at all the project we've done!
You can catch up by clicking the links below:

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This little DIY is one of those things that I totally created on the fly - no prior planning at all.

I was working on #projectkidsbathroom (haha, its been soooooo long since I gave a bathroom update ...oops) and had these antlers I wanted to hang. Originally I was thinking they would be part of the gallery wall, but then I got an idea!

What if I could turn the antlers into functional storage?

I grabbed some chicken wire, the antlers and started wrapping the chicken wire loosely around the antlers, twisting the ends in on themselves to prevent getting poked. I sort of squished and pulled the chicken wire to mimic the shape of the antler base, leaving room between the two. Basically, I didn't want the chicken wire tight against it.

I tried hanging it on the wall using the chicken wire, but it was really unstable. I showed my husband what I wanted to do and he laughed at me came to my rescue! He found a scrap piece of reclaimed wood and screwed the antlers to it (good thing I have him!)

Then we hung the whole thing up on the wall inside of a vintage frame I had spray painted.
(ignore the nail holes...)

Once it was hung, I started clipping on a few of my daughters flower hair accessories...

By leaving the chicken wire loose, I could easily take the flowers on and off as she wanted to wear them.


I can't get over how cute it looks!
Storage that doesn't look like storage!

You could easily hang necklaces or hair bands on it too!

I put this fun GIF together for fun so you see how it works!

Here's how it looks in the space...

I can't wait to show you the rest of the bathroom! (...I know, I know...but I really mean it this time!)

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