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Boob Lights Be Gone!

Want to know what's worse than boob lights? 

Saggy boob lights.

True Story.

Even worse, a PAIR of saggy boob lights.

Pretty bad when this is the best before photo that I have of our saggy boob light wall sconces in the stairway.

First of all, I have never dealt with wall lights in a stairway, so I had to come up with an option that looked good, but didn't intrude into the stairwell.

I was going to try and hack some old lights from our last house into faux enameled wall lights, so I headed to Home Depot for spray paint. 

Before heading to the paint aisle, I decided to do a quick looky loo around the lighting department. There is always a chance of clearance lights or at the very least inspiration and what do you know, I spied lights in the outdoor section I thought would work.

And they were CHEAP.

My heart went pitter patter when I saw the price.

$4.97 !!! 

That is even cheaper than spray paint people! 

My first thought was, I'm crazy. These are the kind of lights that you normally find on a little old lady's house. No, really, I bet your grandma has them...but that is what I love about them.

Vintage, retro, classic...Jelly Jar Wall Outdoor Lights.

Stairway lights - jelly Jar Light

Cute cute cute!!
Am I right? 

I think these humble little lights are just PERFECT for the vibe of our house.

Jelly Jar Light

Changing the wall lights meant the other boob light had to go as well.
Cause, really, BOOB. LIGHTS. 

We replaced the hall light with this cute little schoolhouse number that we snagged for $5!

School house light

Please ignore that I haven't touched up the paint yet.

Don't you think the jelly jar play nice with the schoolhouse light?

They also coordinate well with the bathroom lighting and the updated pendant lights downstairs.

I really feel like our house is starting to look how I have had in my head and we are coming in way under budget (for lights at least...). I expected to spend at least $30-$50 on wall sconces, so under $10 is amazing! Plus the $5 for ceiling light! 

Feels awesome!

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