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Elynn- 3 months

3 Months!!

Elynn is getting cuter by the day, no... by the HOUR! I swear!

He's a little ham and giggles uncontrollably when you tickle under his chin...or on his thighs...or on the palm of his hand!

He loves his daddy and will happily sit on his lap ALL. DAY. LONG, especially if there is a baseball game on!

He's starting to be a little mover too... hence the slightly blurry photos.

I have had several strangers flat out tell me they have never seen such a fat "healthy" baby. I find it a little funny people are so honest!

I'm not offended, just puzzled!

This post is dedicated to all the people who must think I can't tell how huge my child is, Specifically the weird guy at Home Goods who felt the need to squeeze Elynn's chubby foot as he walked by.

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