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Yard Sale Finds = More DIY Projects

Say, is it back to school for your families? 

Around here we are still in summer mode thanks to beautiful weather, three kids three and under and no school commitments yet. 

I thought I would pop in and let you know I've got some fun projects in the works and we made major progress on our upstairs over the weekend, but my main computer is not hooked back up yet (hopefully by end of day!) so I can't share any pictures just yet.


I can, however, share some of our fun yard sale finds from the only sale we hit over the weekend courtesy of good ol' iPhone pics!! 

The yard sale was at a home of a tile contractor and they had tons of misc tile. We picked up a HUGE box of white glazed subway tile for $7! That's enough to move forward with a tile back splash in our kitchen! 


We also snagged a cute schoolhouse light for $5!!! Believe it or not, we just bought a similar one at Home Depot the night before for $30!! We plan to use these throughout the house so it was a total score!!

We also bought the kids this fun playhouse/fort thing for $17 , because we are the best parents EVER. 

Enough said.

My husband had to run back and pick it up with the pickup later in the day and while he was there he scooped these babies for $12!!! 

Any guesses on where it will go? (Except you mom, you can't guess, since you already know. Just to be clear)

If you are doing the math our little haul came out to $41.


Big plans. Big big plans people!! 

And my husband has really really good taste, right!?

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