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DIY Platform Bed & Salvaged Door Headboard {part one}

{part one} - before & After
{part two} - how to hang doors
{part three}- how to build a platform bed

What a mouthful of a title!
platform bed and old door headboard
Sorry you guys, but sometimes you just can't sum up awesomeness in two or three words. Let alone one blog post! So this is gonna be a three part series so that I can cover all the details without overwhelming you.

This was our room before...


Like a dirty college frat house.

You know its so in to have a mattress on the floor...

Riiiiight...not so much.

To make matters worse, our master is right off the kitchen. Next to the laundry and across from the powder room. 
(I'm sure my guests enjoyed this lovely site...laundry and all... )

We used the old salvaged doors in our last bedroom, but they never were properly installed AND we had a rickety old metal frame for our mattress. My husband refused to set it up when moved because it was that bad - like squeaked and banged against the wall when you moved a fraction of a millimeter- bad. 

After 5 months in our new house he finally got tired of me complaining about the bed situation (I might have pulled the pregnancy card too...)
He drew up a plan....
I modified it....

and then we were off to Home Depot with a list of what we needed ( more on that later)

close up of platform bed leg with bolts

Platform bed and old doors for a headboard

Old door headboard and platform bed

platform bed and door headboard

Now I get to climb into bed and everything is sturdy as can be!

I'm seriously IN LOVE with this bed!

It is so gorgeous, that I am hating the rest of the room.
Namely the wall color...clearly the mint green doors and sage green walls and ceiling are NOT working....

I'm hoping to hang curtains and paint the walls ASAP...cause its driving me nuts!

What do you think so far!? 
I would love to hear your feedback!

Be sure to check back tomorrow, I'll be showing you how we hung the doors!

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