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Chalk & Glitter Sign - Blue Christmas Blog Hop

Welcome to week two of the Blue Christmas Blog Hop! 
Week one : Ornaments
Week 2: Wreaths & Wall Decor
Since this is a "blue" themed Christmas, I decided to whip out my trusty blue framed chalkboard.
Who doesn't love a chalkboard, especially at Christmas time!?
But I say, even a chalkboard could use a little bling!
I wanted a way to add a little sparkle to my vintage chalkboard, but I obviously wasn't about to do anything permanent...

So I made myself a little template and cute some letters out of glittered scrapbook paper- I used the old school scissor method to this, but if you have a fancy Silhouette cutting machine thingy, I'm sure you could save yourself a gob of time....and it'll probably look a little cleaner too..
(I am sure most school age children can cut out shapes better than me...ha!)

Now for the super secret way to get the letters to stick on the board (without damage)...
Just follow the directions on the box and apply to your cut out letters. It stuck great, even with a coating of chalk. 
I used the rest of the glittered paper to make a paper ornament garland. It adds a cute sparkle to the vignette! (btw....glitter is super hard to photograph if you can't tell...) It does look super sparkly when the light catches it!! 

I love how it turned out! I think its a unique twist on the classic chalkboard!
It would totally be hanging up right now, if I wasn't about to redo the whole thing for Ever's first birthday party this week- I guess that's what happens when you only have one chalkboard!
So glad you took the time to visit me this week!
Now, its time to continue to go check out the rest of the blog hop! 
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