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Happy Birthday Everett!

Has it really been a year since this little man joined our lives?
You can read his birth story HERE
He has been the most challenging baby and has pushed our patience to extremes...
and we may have even joked about giving him back a time or two...
but, really...
how can you not love this face..

( big mommy "official" photos for months 9, 10 & 11...moving sucks...)
sorry kid. 
..guess I deserve that look...
At one year Ever is ..
Walking like a pro.
 Saying things like:  dadda, mamma, dog, drink, hello and sister.
Has 6 teeth.
Loves his sister, but isn't afraid to stand up to her.
Will snuggle on the couch as long as you bribe him with a bottle.
Freaking loves the bath tub, but refuses to sit in the water.
Will give a hug to anyone.
Is in size 18m-2T clothes.
Hates socks.
Eats anything you give him.
Laughs hysterically at his sister most of the day.
Will dance if you ask him too.
 We love him so much! Happy Birthday Everett!
"the fat one", "chubbi bubi"
& "Ever"
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