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Farmhouse Master Bedroom - a rug and a wardrobe. Week 4 ORC

Week 4.

We're over the hump and things should be wrapping up, but we still have a ways to go - like I haven't patched a single nail hole or even put a coat of paint on anything, but who cares about that? Especially when I have a gorgeous new rug to swoon over!

Farmhouse Master Bedroom - KIlim Rug -

Farmhouse Master Bedroom - KIlim Rug -

I was all set to order this rug, but in the last second I spied this kilim which happened to be the exact colors I was looking for. You may remember me saying in Week 2 that I didn't want this style of rug, but that's partly because I was having trouble finding one that wasn't predominantly red or if I was finding them, I couldn't justify spending $1000+ on a single rug. Ouch. I happened upon this one when I got smart and switched the sort method to "low to high" ...duh. Since it was one-of-a-kind, I got it ordered as quick as I could, figuring if I hated it I could return it and order the other one, but luckily I LOVE it!!

Getting the rug also allowed me to get going on another project. The wardrobe that will be my closet space...
Farmhouse Master Bedroom - vintage wardrobe before


This will be all the closet space I get. ALL. OF. IT. I think that should be plenty of space for my six flannels and a couple pairs of boots (insert laughing/crying emjoii here) right? I've already started painting it a pretty putty color! I'll share more next week!

So that is all for this week! Not much, but lots of decisions made and ready for install as soon as I get the walls painted! 

Be sure to head over to Calling It Home to see what the other guest participants are up too! There are some amazing spaces that I can't wait to see the final results of!!!

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