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Farmhouse Master Bedroom Design Plan - ORC Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of The One Room Challenge!

Last week I showed you my very boring and highly disorganized tiny "master" bedroom. It is a complete blank slate so I can take it any direction I want, but it also sets the tone and feeling of the rest of the house so I need to make some key decisions that we will repeat as we move forward on other rooms.

I want the room to feel light bright and airy, but I also love me some color so I will be bringing lots of that it too. 

Lets walk through my design board, shall we?

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Design Plan

Lets start with the foundation of the room. We are planning on doing a floor to ceiling board and batten wall treatment around the whole room. I haven't decided the exact color, but I'm leaning towards BM Simply white on the trim, walls and ceiling. So far, we've bought all the materials and mapped out where the battens will go on the wall. To solve a few issues (old house = crazy walls..) we will also be beefing up the window trim in a more farmhouse-y style. this...

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Design Plan  - farmhouse windows
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I haven't totally decided on what to do with our unfinished floors. I have some samples of lye & oil to try out and I have considered paint washing them, but we may just keep them raw and throw down a big rug for now.

Speaking of rugs, I think I've decided on a rug, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet, so that could change too. I love a good old vintage rug, but I want the rug to be plush and comfy to walk on, so that means most vintage flat weave rugs are out. Boo hoo...

Other things coming into the room include our bed & headboard. You can read about how we built it: HERE. I'm toying with the idea of painting the platform part of the bed, but that depends on what I end up using for a side table. I have an antique cabinet that I plan on using, but until I move it in, I won't know if it works. I also have to add storage for my clothes since the closets aren't exactly made for two, so I'm going to be refinishing an vintage wardrobe. I know I want it painted but I need to decide on the rug first! Ha! Better get on that.

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Design Plan - farmhouse bed

Accessories and what-nots have yet to be purchased (we've got how many weeks left?), but you can see it will all be fairly simple, natural and vintage inspired.

Last, I can't wait to bring in some art!
I created my own paint-by-number style cow paintings to take to our vintage shows and I think one would be a PERFECT addition to our farmhouse bedroom!

Don't you think so?

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Design Plan - Paint by number cow

Well, here's the official list of what needs to happen over the next 3 weeks...

  • Install Board & Batten
  • Beef up window trim
  • Paint
  • Order Rug
  • Shop for Accessories 
  • Blinds? Curtains?
  • Paint vintage cabinet

My, oh, my!!!  (any Dave Niehuas fans out there?) We've got lots to do don't we!?

Let me know what you think and be sure to visit to see what the other One Room Challenge participants are up to! My guess is some have actually made progress on their rooms!

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