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Boy's Bedroom : The Plan

So......remember a couple weeks ago when I talked about switching up the kid's rooms in attempt to get everyone sleeping in a real bed?

Well, two things have happened since that blog post:

1. We found out what our newest baby will be....

2. Our youngest decided that he will no longer sleep in his crib and also will not stay asleep unless someone is sitting in the room with him. (the shot below, was the last time I tried to get him to sleep in his crib...clearly he was not having it...)

So basically, all of this helped me nail down exactly what needed to happen in the bedrooms.  Yay!

To start the shuffling process, we sold our daughters twin bed and she has now been upgraded to a full size bed (more on all that later this week). We will also be moving the blue crib into her room for when little baby sister is ready to join big sis in a shared space.

The boys will be moving into together (we did a trial run last night and it went AWESOME...aka, I actually got to sleep in my bed ALL night) and I will use the vintage cowboy beds in their room. I put together a design board so you can see where the room is headed. I started this when I thought the oldest two (boy & girl) would be sharing a room, but the design still works perfect for a shared boy's room.

As you can see, it will be a mix of rustic and colorful. The walls will be a light neutral color and all the other accents in the room will be pulled from colors in the rug. I plan on keeping most wall decor and accessories to a minimum. I have been drawn to clean minimal room designs lately and want to try my hand at it in this space.

This is a list of what I have planned to complete the room switch:

  • Paint the Room (we didn't paint it when we did the cowboy room a couple years ago)
  • Paint the vintage western beds - (I already bought the color which will not be as vibrant green as in the plan above.)
  • Clean up vintage western dressers (they are a very orangey color, but I don't know if I'm ready to tackle refinishing, so they will stay their current color)
  • Art/Wall Decor
  • Make/Source Kilim Style pillows
  • Make/Source Coordinating Bedding

This is a pretty simple plan and I have high hopes I can finish it by the end of next weekend. You will be able to follow real time progress on my instagram ( @averielaneblog ) or on my Facebook page ( Averie Lane )!

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