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The Bedroom Shuffle

With a new baby coming this summer, I'm starting to think about how to make our current 3 bedroom house work for a family of SIX.

I'm sure this is a pretty common problem for most young families as they grow, so I thought it would be good to talk about what my different options are.

First off, I am planning all this knowing that our June baby will probably not move to a crib until about 4 months old. Until then it will be in our room in a cute cradle my dad made. There is also a good chance we won't be in this particular house by the time said baby is in crib, but then again we might, so why not plan accordingly.

Now that I have all the disclaimers out of the way, lets talk the bedroom shuffle!

Currently we have two dedicated kid's rooms. That won't be changing.

Our daughter's room - the pink granny chic one - is not being used how intended. Currently, we have a futon mattress on the floor where our daughter and our middle boy like to sleep. The pretty twin bed is going unused. Which frustrates me to no end.

In the other room we have the crib where our youngest sleeps...the vintage Western bedroom.

Just to be clear, that room hardly resembles the picture above. We've since acquired two vintage western dressers and a set of western style twin beds/bunk beds.

Now that you know what the current bedroom situation is I'll propose a couple options I have for reworking the space.

Option 1:
Set up the two twin beds in what is currently the baby's room for the older two kids to share. The room needs painted and I feel like I could pull off a gender neutral slightly western themed room. My girl would be okay with this since she loves horses and cowgirls.

With this option the baby would move into what is currently the girls room. I could tone down the pinks and make it gender neutral as well. I would remove the twin size bed all together (so we can use its mattress in the other room...saving moola for the win!). I have thought about the possibility of bringing in a gorgeous full size bed that I have been hoarding in storage. Having a slightly bigger bed for when guests come might be nice, but it might be a little snug with a crib as well.

This option is obviously the most complex and makes the biggest change.

Option 2:
Set up one twin bed in the baby's room for our middle boy and have him and the current baby share a room. This is probably the simplest solution, but separating my daughter and son might not be the easiest. Down the road I could exchange the crib for the other twin bed when the new baby is ready to use it. The crib would then go in my daughters room. If the new baby is a girl this could work out quite nicely, but if its a boy, I'd need to address the decor in my daughters room, not that a baby will care, but I do.

With this option I am still thinking of losing her very girly twin bed in exchange for the pretty full size one, but again it might be tight fit.

Option 3:
Set up the twin beds in what currently is my daughters room and leave the baby's room as is for now. If I can make it fit I could set up the full bed in that room and it might work out better since the room is slightly bigger. For some reason, this option didn't even occur to me until I was writing this post. Hummm....

So, there you have it. There is only one scenario where I don't have to completely redo my daughter's room which is if we have a baby girl, but obviously there is no guarantee of that!

Okay, so what do you think? I'm probably WAY overthinking it, right?

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