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paint. all. the. things. - One Room Challenge Spring 2015


Where does the week go!? 

I'm doing my best to stay on track with this room, which means each day I try and tackle a little something.

Currently the state of our room is a bit sad...

Just screams "Pin Me!" doesn't it! Oh, goodness, clearly I need to rethink keeping that fan. Its terribly boring, but oh so useful during hot Idaho summers!

Since I demoed all baseboards last week, I spent most of this week painting the window and door trim during nap times. Its amazing what a new coat of white can do - just look at how much brighter white is next to the old color on the door.

I personally find it much easier to paint trim first and then go back and cut int he walls. I like that I can be as messy as I want doing it that way. I have yet to decide what color to paint the door...this particular one opens to the back porch, but there are 2 others in the room as well. Can't decide between white and not white. 

As for the baseboards, we bought new pre-primed MDF to match the rest of the house. I gave all the new trim a quick coat of my dining room no less. If I can get the walls painted before the weekend, then maybe trim can go up soon!

I also gave a pair of vintage nightstands a little makeover - if you follow me on Instagram, you might remember when I snagged these at a yard sale for just $10 last summer.

I really wanted to strip and restain them, but the veneer was so thin in places that I knew it wasn't going to happen, so that left paint as my only option (for you MCM purists, I'm sorry!). I didn't know if the legs should stay a wood tone, but in the end I decided to stick with my inspiration and go all white. I am also super happy I was able to keep the hardware as is - nice and tarnished! 

They turned out super cool, but I think they might be too small of scale next to the headboard. I do love that they don't block the window, but I wish they were wider. I guess I will see when I hang the wall sconces.

Speaking of...

I had these guys laying in the garage, so I thought I would try and turn them into wall sconces next to the bed. 

First step?

Paint of course...

So far I have given them a couple coats of black, but its way glossier than I thought it would be, so I have to figure out a way to tone that down a bit. I do love the look of enamel style barn lights, but not really what I was going for in this space.  

Here's what the one from my inspiration board looks like,...

I might try this technique from my girl Rachel, but I'm not really sure yet.

Any suggestions? Leave me a link or send me a Pin if you can!

Here's whats left on the list...

Master Bedroom Makeover To Do:

1. Paint Walls, ceiling
2. Demo Baseboards , install new base & Paint 
3. DIY Wall Sconces
4. Paint Nightstands
5. Hang Curtains
6. Replace Ceiling Fan?
7. Buy Rug
8. Build frames for art
9. New Bedding (sheets? Pillowcases?)
10. Make Accent Pillows

Still a long list, but tons will get done this weekend!

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