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Details and To Do's - One Room Challenge Spring 2015

We're in the homestretch!! The final inning! The 4th Quarter! Whatever you want to call it, it means in one week we'll all be revealing our rooms and honestly I'm kinda freaking out.

This week whizzed by for me...I'm completely exhausted from the challenge and show prep (see the end of post for explanation!)  and still have gobs left to do.

Thankfully, its all about putting pretty things in place now....oh, and we (still!) need to install baseboards.

The painting is done and I'm super excited because it was the last big room that needed painting in the whole house!

Details and To Do's - One Room Challenge Spring 2015

oh! oh! oh!

I think  the light dilemma from last week is solved! A reader on Instagram ( I'm @averielaneblog , btw...) suggested using steel wool to knock down the shine...

What do you think? Can you tell a difference?

Also, I sewed up my pillow! 

Well, that's about all I have this week... don't forget room reveals next week!

Here's whats left to do...

Master Bedroom Makeover To Do:

1. Paint Walls, ceiling
2. Demo Baseboards , install new base & Paint 
3. DIY Wall Sconces
4. Paint Nightstands
5. Hang Curtains
6. Replace Ceiling Fan?
7. Buy Rug
8. Build frames for art
9. New Bedding (sheets? Pillowcases?)
10. Make Accent Pillows

If you are just tuning in you can catch weeks 1-4 here:

PS.... If  you are in the Boise area, come by and see me at the Vintage to the Core show in Caldwell this Saturday! I'll be there with my store Averie Lane Boutique and I'd love to say hi! See you there!!

P.P.S ....I'm really freaking out about the show too because its my first one in a really long time and I will be introducing tons of new products...super stressful but also so exciting!

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