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The Rug - One Room Challenge Spring 2015

Eh, em... someone pinch me, please.

I'm still riding on a high from finding the absolute most perfect thing for our master bedroom makeover ever. Well, maybe its not quite as amazing as the time I found the old doors we used for our headboard, but definitely a really close second!

There's a story, but first lets look back at last week when I shared my bedroom befores & design plan.

Here's the board again...

Do you see that colorful rug?

Yeah, it's this one...

...well as much as I love it and even though it's 50% off right now, the price is still (you might want to sit down for this...) 

$13,000 - yes, THOUSAND dollars...


So clearly when I designed my room around it, I had high hopes of finding a rug with a similar feel. I wasn't having much luck, because even reasonably priced ones were still above budget or needed to be shipped from overseas...lame.

Then last Thursday I saw a rug listed on Craigslist. It had a price of $110, only one image and no size information.

Honestly, I couldn't tell if it was cheap knock off carpet style rug or what. so I emailed the owner asking if it was still available and if so what size it was.

It was, but they couldn't remember the size (really!?)

We made several arrangements to meet, but for one reason or another it wasn't working out. I was getting super frustrated, because even though I had no idea if this rug would even work in our room, I NEEDED to see it to be sure.

Finally, on Saturday I was in the area and asked if I could pop over to see the rug and luckily I caught the owner at home.

When we got there I was #1 blown away with how cute the owner's house was (maybe I can get her to let me feature it here someday!?) #2 shocked that the rug was a kagillion times more gorgeous than I could have ever imagined #3 totally confused as to why in the world was she selling this thing for only $110!?

It ended up that she had bought the rug second hand, but it didn't fit the room she planned it for, so she was letting it go. Honestly, I didn't even care what size it was, I just knew it was coming home with me.

Despite my racing heart and the overwhelming jittery feeling that comes with knowing I just scored something amazing, I still managed to talk her down on her price...a whole $10. Ha! Not my finest bargaining moment, but what can I say. THE RUG OWNED ME.

When we got home I laid it out to give it a look over. Its smaller than I had hoped at only 6 x 9, but for the money and quality I'm not sure it can be beat. Its a gorgeous flat woven rug with the most beautiful vintagey colors and looks down right amaze-balls with our headboard! My iPhone picture doesn't do it justice at all. There is no tag or identification markings on it, so I don't know if it's a vintage rug or a newer one - more research will have to happen.  I really thought the rug was going to be the last thing I tracked down for the room, but I just couldn't pass this one up!

So where does this leave the room progress?


Well....I did manage to clean out and relocate anything that doesn't belong in the room and we bought the new baseboards, but Flu 2.0 hit our house Sunday and that's all the further we got.

Who cares though.

I have THE RUG!

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