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Living Room Changes + Finishing Trim

Way back when (circa 2013...) this is what the living room looked like.

Dark trim.

A window without trim ...that one there with the curtains...

Dark wall paint...

and a big huge black vortex of a TV.

One reason I chose to paint all the trim was so we could remedy the trimless window without busting our budget.
Basically, I wasn't about to shell out the moola for more oak.
So, the husband ripped off what trim was there. The ledge and a skinny 2x1 oak strip that framed the window.

Trimmed the oak to sit flush with the inside of the window...

and then framed out the rest of the window with common boards,

You can see that we mimicked the other trim in the room.
Then, the walls and trim all got a paint job. 
Notice anything missing...?
Oh yea, the black hole is GONE! We decided to give it a go at making this a TV free zone (still undecided on how I feel about this...) and moved the big TV up to our bonus room. 
That meant I have a few new options on how to lay out the room! 
Here's what it looks like right now....

A bit drab at the moment, but I'll start bringing in art once we deal with that fireplace (this weekend!!??) I'm dreaming of built in bookcases, layers of texture and some pops of color. Also, new floors, because there isn't helping the beige-ness of that carpet. 
What do you think of the layout so far?
I'm a bit stumped as what to do with all the corners in the room....
Any suggestions?

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