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Ice Skating Birthday - Designing an Invitation

Design work is one of my favorite things to do, especially when my client is a 3 year old who's about to celebrate a birthday.

We already established we are doing a Ice Skating Party (...not too long after putting decorations away from her Ballerina Sparkle Party...I might add.) Lucky for us we have an indoor ice rink here in Boise so that part was a done deal.

So if you are going to have a party, you have to have invitations, right!?

I sat down with Ellery and asked her some questions about what she wanted on her invitations. 
She got really into the whole idea of me drawing something for her and was even willing to do a little posing for me!

She was also pretty specific about her wants...right down to what color things should be.
I sketched out her ideas and then scanned the image into the computer- similar to how I created my Gift Drive Logo.

Rough Sketch of Ice Skating Invitation - in pencil

After playing around for awhile, I had turned my sketch into this....
Are you kidding me! Its so cute!!

Is it okay to be in love with your own artwork?
I probably always should be!! 

Sometimes, I start to feel bad that I am not putting paint brush to paper in real life, but honestly, using my computer as a medium is still so gratifying! I feel like I am getting better and faster at knowing what I want to do and bringing my drawings to life is so much fun!

We still have to nail down details for the party, but I just couldn't wait to share this part of it with you!

Are you interested in having a similar drawing done for you? Feel free to contact me using the tabs above!

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