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New Blog Header?

In a fit of inspiration yesterday I gave my blog header a makeover.
Actually, I wasn't working on it at all. 
I didn't even plan this.
It just sorta all clicked.
We all have those moments, right?
The old one was cool, but maybe a bit freaky serious? 
I for one LOVED it, but it HAS been around since the big blog change of 2013, so maybe it was starting to feel a bit stale? Like your favorite bread that sat on the counter too long?
Here's the old one in case you already forgot what it looked like...
but last night, I was doing some other sketching and WAM BAM! 
New header!
I love the extra color...the flowers and feathers...
plus. the arrow, duh!
What do you think? 
I can't wait to show the other projects I'm working on!!! 
(insert squeeeeeeel here)
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