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Fireplace Makeover - How to plank a fireplace

We made more progress on the fireplace over the weekend! 

Last week I showed you how we built our reclaimed wood mantel. Thanks for chiming in on the to corbel or not to corbel debate! It was very helpful! I'll hold off on telling you what I decided, tho!

So here's were we left off...

Before adding planks + reclaimed wood mantel - Fireplace Makeover

During the initial demo, all the trim came off the sides and we needed a solution for fixing it. Justin really didn't like the original (you can see it HERE - seventh picture down..) so putting it back wasn't an option. Somewhere along the line the idea of planking came up, so we raided our scrap 1 by material to see if we could come up with a plan.

Laying out the plank pattern - Fireplace Makeover -How to Plank your fireplace

Since we had different widths of wood, we decided a "random, but not random, so both sides match" pattern would make the most use of the materials we had. We laid the wood out and messed around with it until we came up with something we liked. We did end up having to buy extra wood so we could replicate the pattern on both sides.

Once we worked out a final plan, Justin got to work. He started by adding back a few cut pieces of the oak plywood to the sides. You can see below that there was a gap between where the old trim and the window trim met. It also gave him a little more support to nail up the planks.

Adding shims -Fireplace Makeover -How to Plank your fireplace

He then cut the planks to size (he made sure to number them so they went up in the planned order on each side.) He ended up using toothpicks to keep the spacing consistent. #clever

Justin nailing up the planks- Fireplace Makeover -How to Plank your fireplace

Fireplace Makeover -How to Plank your fireplace - planking on sides of fireplace

Perfect fit! I will hide any remaining gaps along the wall edge with caulking.

Fireplace Makeover -How to Plank your fireplace - finished planking

So, that's how we planked our fireplace! Pretty straight forward and it looks AWESOME!! 
We also started and finished laying the tile and I'm hoping to get the grout done tonight so that I can have a tiling update for you later this week! Its looking sooooo freaking fabulous!!
You can see sneak peeks of the tile on my Instagram ( @averielaneblog)
What do you think? 
Here's our running total so far: 
Cedar Boards - FREE
Cement Board - $12*
Nails - $5*
2 -1x4s - $8
2 1x6s - $10

*our cost was actully only $3 thanks to some returns.
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