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Living Room & Dining Room Paint Progress

I've cleaned up *most* of  Christmas decor and now I can finally really see the results of our big push to finish the living room and dining room paint before our company came!
If you remember last week, I shared our new schoolhouse light and I promised you I'd show you how it looked in the whole space as part of our goal list for 2015. 
Well, I haven't finalized my goals yet (super excited things have thrown a bit of a curve ball in them!), but I still wanted to share the latest happenings around here! Or least some of it. My battery died on me as I was taking photos, so I will be doing a follow up post to my follow up post. 
Stay with me here... 
If you remember our living room and dining room area, used to look like this...

and this...

and many of you know I've been in paint ALL. THE. TRIM. mode. 

It never ends! Gah!

And now, after pulling everything away from the walls and painting all day for almost a week straight...



Keep in mind, I took these photos on a super dreary day - we've had a narly inversion here in the Treasure Valley for weeks....but...seriously, even being sub par photography conditions, its still  sooooooooooooo much better!

Oh yea, we got a "new" couch as well! So there has been other rearranging happening around here that we will talk about on another day (...probably during that soon to be goal list for 2015!)

And the dining room...

Do you love the light in the space as much as I do?

Let's pan out a bit for the full effect...

So many things are not where they are staying and during the great shuffle I took most of our artwork down, but I am digging the vibe in here. 

Only thing driving me bonkers is this darn fireplace...

You didn't think I was leaving it like that did you? 
We just didn't want to do any demo before Christmas. So there it sits...taunting me.
Maybe I will pull a mood board together over the weekend and show you were I hope this space is heading! So come back next week, and feel free to offer me some suggestions for the obvious elephant in the room!
Oh, by the way, paint color is Sandpiper, by Martha Stewart - color matched to Glidden Duo in Eggshell Finish. On the walls and ceiling. Because cutting in a ceiling is dumb.
Until next week!
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