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House Goals 2014

(I'm having some technical difficulties with Part Three of the DIY Bed post- so I am skipping ahead to this post! Thanks for your patience!)

House Goals 2014

We have been in our house since September, without any major changes to the house... 
like, literally.
We did install a pull-out garbage can in the kitchen. 
And I did paint our french doors...
But that is it. 
So today I'm putting together my list of goals for the rest of the year (ideally before baby comes in June!) And even tho I really don't want to, I'm including pictures of what my house looks like right now, in its very raw, post Christmas, state.
No judging.
Lets get started, shall we!?

Entry Hall:

- Add Board & Batten to walls
- Paint Walls, Ceiling & Trim
- Paint Closet Doors
- Replace window film on closet door glass or remove entirely
- new entry door knob
- add a bench 
- add coat hooks
- Replace tile floor with wood/laminate

Living Room:

- paint Walls & Ceiling ( did you notice the horrible two-tone look of our ceilings?)
- Paint trim or leave it? Undecided thus far...
- add trim or bamboo shade to main window
- Hem curtains
- find/ build ottoman
- paint TV cabinet
- re-stain/ paint fireplace
- replace fireplace tile
- sew couch pillows
- paint ceiling fan

Dining Room:
- Paint Walls & Ceiling
- Paint trim ( undecided)
- Paint Doors
- replace table top
- fix cabinet knob
- change out light fixture 
- add blinds 
- restore vintage chiars
- Replace floor

- paint Walls & Ceiling
- paint island & hood vent
- paint or re-stain perimeter cabinets
- replace counter tops
- replace back splash
- change globes on pendant lights
- replace tile floor
- get smaller microwave- fix microwave shelf area
- new blinds
- new stools

Powder Room:
- paint ceiling & walls
- paint trim
- add baseboards
- replace flooring
- replace towel bar with hooks

Laundry Room/ Hallway:
- Paint Walls 
- Paint Trim
- Paint Doors
- Replace Floors
- add trim to upper cabinets
- add counter top over washer/dryer
- put washer face plate back on waher

Master Bedroom: 

- paint Walls, Ceiling & Trim
- Hang curtains
- build bed
- set up a nursery area
- find hutch/ dresser for baby
- make picture frames for artwork
- rug?

Master Bath:
- Paint Walls, Ceiling & Trim
- refinish counter tops
- replace tile
- tile shower stall- expand if possible
- new mirrors
- Board & baton
- hooks for towels
- shelves above toilet
- laundry baskets
- window treatment

Upstairs Bathroom/ Kids Bath:

- Paint Walls, Ceiling & Trim
- Tile Floor
- revamp vanity/ or new
- new counter
- beef up shelving
- window treatment
- new hooks or towel bars 

Bonus Room/ Office:
- Paint Walls & Ceiling
- Accent Wall
- Find couch/ seating
- add work table
- hang artwork
- New desk chair

I will address each of the kids room in they're own post. This is already crazy long and the rooms are identical. 

As you can see our house is a hodge podge of trim color, craftsman details, cottage influence and builder grade materials. All in all not a bad starting point, but my main goal is to lighten up the whole house and upgrade finishes. Thankfully we have good bones and we won't be spending any money on structural changes (unless my husband gets his way with the master bath!) Since our budget is limited, we are going to have to get creative, but that is my favorite part!

I will be posting some mood boards as I get closer to tackling each room, so you can see what direction I want to take this house!

Phew! Lots to get done before baby gets here!

By the way, we get to find out what our little bun is TOMORROW!! 


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