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Schoolhouse Light for the Dining Room

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

While many of my blogging buddies are busy counting down their Top 10 projects of 2014, I'm over here trying to eek out a few more before we ring in the New Year. 

I'm famous for procrastinating. 

Actually, some of these last minute projects were solely due to the fact I was hosting Christmas Dinner for my whole family (30 + people!) and I didn't want them looking at all the un-done-ness around the house.

So, when  reached out to me and offered me an item from their website, I jumped on it! I have browsed their website before when I've been hunting for different items that I couldn't find in town and knew I would find what I needed for upcoming DIYs

On my list of things we needed was a dining room/kitchen light.

Our old one was perfectly okay, but didn't really match the direction we were taking the other lighting in the house (its been happily re-homed to my grandma's!)

I knew I wanted a large Schoolhouse light to fit with the other lighting changes we've made in the in the Entry and Upstairs Hallway. A milk glass shade was a must, because although I LOVE the look of an Edison bulb, they barely light a space. The white shade allows me to use an LED instead.  With a shade width of 15 inches, classic vintage charm and the super affordable price of $170 I decided on this one:

I love that it was shipped right to my house (yay for not having to try and make important decisions at a store with 3 littles in tow!) 

The day that our first company was set to arrive we managed to get it installed.

We took down the old light...
(oh, yeah,...sneaky sneak peek of the new wall and trim color!)

taking down old light fixture

Decided how low to have it hang...we could seriously hang this thing from 20ft ceilings!

Schoolhouse light pieces

We actually hung it higher than a standard chandelier would go. (standard would be around 36 inches from top of table, we went almost 44) We chose to have it higher because we tend to move our table around and we wanted to be able to walk under the light if need be. Also, I think the style of the light lends itself well to this type of installation.

installing the shade

installing the shade

I love these shots, because you can really see how large the shade is - my husband has LARGE hands and they look small next to the shade!

large schoolhouse light with oil bronze finish and milk glass shade

Tah dah!
I luuuuuuurve it!!

Oil Bronze light with schoolhouse shade

It has just the right amount of pizazz, but doesn't fight for attention.

Schoolhouse light - vintage inspired light

I also love the detail of metal piece where it attaches to the shade.

Vintage inspired schoolhouse light in the dining room

The scale of the light in the room is perfect. I know it's the thing to have big grandiose statement fixtures, and this is, only more subtle...haha! 

I'll leave you in suspense of seeing the light in its full glory until next week when I do my House Goal list for 2015!

Also, I am super happy so far working with, I didn't have any problems with my order. Everything shipped in a timely fashion and in one piece! Since the light was so affordable, I was able to purchase a second item with my remaining budget. 

I'll give you a hint... it has to do with my actual kitchen cabinets and rhymes with "shamard-ware".... coming soon!!

This post is a review of
I was provided with items from their website and asked to do a review of their website/product. 
As always, my opinions are 100% my own and are no way influenced by my sponsors.
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