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One Room Challenge - Vintage Rustic Entryway - Week 4

Well, crap, its week four of the One Room Challenge and my hallway looks like this...

I did two coats of primer and caulked the right side of the hallway. My final coat of paint will go on today. 

The whole time I was painting, I kept picturing Nicole Curtis (from +HGTV ) yelling at me for painting over perfectly good oak trim! 

Sorry, Nicole, but here's the thing, none of the trim in this house matches. Oak trim butts up to weird not oak trim and the best way to unify everything is with a good coat of paint! Plus, this house is a 2007 house not a 1907 house so I think I get a pass....? 

BTW, I have been using Glidden Ultra Hide Semi-gloss from +The Home Depot , its freaking fantastic! The coverage is pretty amazing and I scored it for a steal during a buy one get one event at our local store. For an extra smooth finish I've been using a good quality brush and a high density roller.

It may seem like I've made NO PROGRESS, but behold the most riveting video EVER...

Doors getting paint! 

So see, progress, albeit painfully slow and tedious progress.

My To Do List looks something like this:
  • Paint trim
  • Paint doors
  • Paint walls and ceiling
  • Install entryway light fixture
  • Install hallway light fixture
  • Frame rodeo poster
  • build bench
  • build coat rack
  • make arrow sign
  • make pillows
You can follow my progress here:

Weelk 1: The Plan
Week 2/3 : The Plan

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