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One Room Challenge - Ellery's Granny Chic Bedroom - Week 4

Hey lovelies!

Its week 4 of the One Room Challenge and I am definitely feeling the pressure - and LOVING it!

Crazy, right? But I totally thrive under pressure!

So right now you can say I'm in the deep black hole of endless projects. Since I am DIYing 99% of the room, it's A. LOT. OF. WORK!

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Here's where I'm at after a fun Easter weekend in the desert...

I made custom piping to fix a minor flaw in my upholstery job...
(and if you are a professional seamstress out there, please ignore the I probably did it wrong...)

It ended up working out great! 

Happy mistake for sure!

We also started our dollhouse makeover- you can bet Barbie is going to leave her dream house for this one! 

Here's the before... nice big house, but it had seem much better days. What you can't see are lots of crayon and pen marks and stickers plastered all over...

(I'm slightly embarrassed by the current state of the rest of my house...ew...)

... here it is as it sits right now... ( I literally stopped working on it to bathe my kids and write this post...)

I've go one more level of "wallpaper" to do and some touch up paint, and then it'll be done!!

Here's how my to do list is looking so far: 

- Paint Room - walls/ceiling/ trim 
- Build a bed / get twin or full mattress
- Reupholster a vintage headboard (that's currently living in my garage)
- paint a night stand
- purchase curtains
- makeover dollhouse - almost done!
- sew pillows
- paint picture frames for gallery wall
- find a large rug
- knock off of pig from design board

On the agenda for this weekend is paint - I know, because we bought it all yesterday!!!

Kinda funny that I have yet to actually set foot in her room - other than to make sure our paint color would work and to discuss how to hang curtains... as you can imagine, I super excited about the next couple weeks!

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