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One Room Challenge - Ellery's Granny Chic Bedroom - Week 3

Its time for One Room Challenge Week 3 check- in

I am super happy with the progress I have made in the last couple days!

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I didn't get any time to work on the room over the weekend, since we were traveling for Army and then I needed a couple days to recover from the car ride (being 33 weeks pregnant in the car for 7 hours is no bueno!), but by yesterday I had my energy back and I set to work!

One of the biggest projects that I needed to tackle was the vintage headboard.
I bought it forever ago and I even tried to sell it in our last yard sale, but the little sucker was meant to be part of this room.

Only problem was the fabric needed to go...  
Headboard before
I actually really liked the hounds tooth when I recovered it myself three or four years ago. It just wasn't fitting the #grannychic theme.

I said good bye to the first layer and that's when I remembered I was lazy the last time I recovered it and had a whole other layer of fabric to get through...

Second layer of fabric on headboard

Lesson learned?
Don't take short cuts...

Removing staples on headboard

If you follow me on Instagram (@averielaneblog), you saw how much fun I was having last night... #staplesfordays

I survived it much to my relief! 

Do you see those little specks of blue fabric? That was the original blue velvet that I kick my self for removing in the first place... sad face!

Headboard with fabric removed

So today I will be in upholstry mode and I plan to bring back the tufts so I have a little shopping to do as well. 

I'm also trying to convince my husband to help me paint the room this weekend... might be some bribery involved.

stay tuned!!
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