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One Room Challenge - Ellery's Granny Chic Bedroom - Week 2 Update

How did one week already pass?

um, I'm serious.

If I am honest, I am much further along than I anticipated. Which is scary considering I have only one project partially completed. (... and I did also finish the last project for Ever's bedroom!)

That's kind of how I roll tho, I can pull out a doozey in the twelfth hour like nobody's business.

If you missed last week, you can read all about my design for Ellery's Granny Chic Bedroom HERE 

On my list of "to dos" was painting a nightstand for Elle. 
I really wanted something that offered storage, plus I didn't want to spend much on it.

So I shopped my house!

Here was option #1 :
I picked this one up at a yard sale a decade has seen much better days, but I love the detail on it.

Side table option #1

and option 2:
Believe it or not, I bought this one for my 16th birthday. I spent $60 on it at the time...biggest purchase of my life! I love the dental molding and the retro style. It is probably from about the 40's.

Side table option #2

And the winner is...

Option 2!!!

Side table painted in Swiss Coffee

Here's why: 

I love that Elle will get something that holds a lot of sentimental value to me. I wasn't afraid to paint it, because the finish was pretty damaged in places. The other cabinet actually needed a lot more work that I don't want to do at this time. The 40's era styling totally fits my "granny chic" theme!  

Don't you love the curves and those feet!??? 

So far I have painted it a soft white ( Behr Swiss Coffee) and it is going to get a little something special done to it that I can't wait to show you! As of now I am keeping the hardware- I'm pretty sure it's real brass that has tarnished...which is pretty awesome in my book!

So that's all I've got for now... so excited for what I get done this next week!! 

...follow me for sneak peeks and behind the scenes action!!
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