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Averie Lane Farmhouse : Studio Makeover Part 1

We are kicking off the New Year with a tiny project in the basement...the studio!

If we are being technical, its the "temporary studio" makeover. We have plans to build an actual big studio eventually, but for now it is a small bedroom in the basement. Even though it is small, it is leaps and bounds better than my old studio, which was just the kitchen table!

You may remember this room from the Farmhouse Before Tour....

Studio Makeover Before - painting knotty pine panneling

Studio Makeover Before - painting knotty pine panneling

Not exactly a bright and welcoming space to spend 40+ hours a week is it? 

Since we have a bit of a break between shows I decided to give it a makeover to not only brighten it up, but make it a lot more functional.

First up, paint! I decided to stick with the same color as in our Master Bedroom: BM Simply White. I intend to use it throughout the house so it was a no brainer. 

I used a brush to fill all the grooves and then rolled the flat parts. It took 3 coats and could've probably used at least one more, but I was kind of over painting so I just left it. 

Studio Makeover Before - painting knotty pine panneling

Once the walls were painted I realized the ceiling and the door looked dingy, so they each got a coat of paint too.
Studio Makeover Before - door before

Hopefully I can get my lighting right for the final photos, because the color of the door is a beautiful earthy blue green. (you may remember I used it on my laundry room cabinets at our last house!) Its pretty similar to the color Emily Henderson just chose for her new kitchen. Maybe she reads my blog? haha! Not. 

Studio Makeover Before - door after

The paint is done and I'll leave you with this teaser of my future farmhouse style desk! Its going to be amazing!!! 

Farmhouse Desk Before


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