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New (cheap!) Rugs

So, last week, one a my favorite blogs  did a post about the sources they used for all the pretty rugs around their house.

I decided to check out +eSaleRugs  and ended up nabbing a couple of their Kilim Dhurrie rugs for a total steal!

They were having a 50% Off sale + Free Shipping (and returns!) not to mention an extra 10% off when you bought 2 or more rugs! I figured with deals like that, why not give it a go!?

So the first rug I ordered, is a small 2x3 that I'm hoping will work in our powder room. I have been looking everywhere, but just hadn't found the right combination of price & style. I found a few I loved, but the prices were all just a little high or the price was right, but it wasn't the "feel" I was going for in the room. The one I found at eSaleRugs was not only the style I wanted, but with all the discounts less than $20!

The other rug I nabbed was this fun 6x9 Kilim. It will be the perfect thing to kick off my kids bedroom makeover. I love the colors and think they could work for either a girl or a boy! Plus at less than $100, I don't think I can go wrong!

(UPDATE: Both the rugs got here before I finished writing the post about them - hello 4 day shipping!)

I am super happy with how they look in real life. Some of the reviews warned that the colors were brighter in person, and they are, but I was hoping so!

They are both flat weave rugs and the pattern is pretty on both sides, which is always fun when you feel like switching things up. They also lay nicely over carpet. I don't have rug pads under any of my rugs and they rarely move. I might need a rug pad for the powder room, but only because the tile is slippery.

I love the pattern on the larger rug and briefly considered using it our living room (I'm now thinking I will just order another one in more of a blue/green pallet). 

I'm over the moon with the size, color and quality of these rugs. They aren't vintage, but in this case, it doesn't bother me at all. Now I need to get to work on the kids's room! First order of business...painting their beds. I'm thinking green(don't worry I won't paint over the cowboys!) 


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