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Powder Room Makeover - Paint - One Room Challenge

Week 4 of the One Room Challenge was all about paint.

For reals, I think at one point I had at least 4 different colors of paint open (not counting primer!) as I worked on various parts of the bathroom.

I'd paint one area and then while it was drying I'd paint something else. It was (and still kind of is) a hot mess. I'm nearing the finish line though! I think I only have 1 and 1/2 doors to paint ...or is it two...oh well, I am *this* close being done!

If you remember from my PLANS for the bathroom, I hadn't yet decided what to do with the vanity. It has to stay, because I don't want to fork of the dough to replace it, but I didn't want to leave it as is either. I was also struggling with what color to paint it...white or a color...but after getting the board and batten painted it was pretty clear to me that I needed to amp up the space with a splash of color!

First step was primer....super pretty, right!?

I decided to go with the same color I used in my laundry room...I can't tell you its name because I found it on the "oops" paint rack, but I did have it color matched for my own reference. The small sample size paint was more than plenty to do the bathroom vanity and I am very happy with the results! I can't wait to show you!

Last we also tackled the bathroom mirror. Well, not so much me, but my husband. He wanted to do a built in mirror from the beginning, but I really wanted a wood mirror. I was coming up short on my online searches so my husband decided to just build one using leftover wood from our kitchen counters.

Its so gorgeous I can barely stand it!

Here's how the to do list is shaping up...

Powder Room To Do:
Remove Tile Baseboards
Add new trim
Paint pocket door
Revamp vanity
Replace mirror
replace light
New toilet paper/towel bars

Gah! Its almost time to decorate!!

Thanks for stopping by to see how my challenge is coming along. Please head over to Calling it Home to see what the other guest participants are up too!

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