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Mid Century Dresser Makeover - Navy & Jacobean


How's summer treating you?

I was just talking with a lady at the gym and she mentioned that she's excited for school to start so they can have a routine again. It got me thinking about the fact that since we are still a year out from my Elle starting Kinder, once summer ends, our routine won't really change.

For god or bad, I'm not really sure?

Believe it or not I have never had a child go to school. Even though my oldest daughter was school aged, she was too sick to attend. Kind of a little weird thinking about sending one away for part of the day. Will I hate it? Love it?

Gah! I'm just praying I can keep up with it all!

In all reality I guess I can send Elle to preschool this fall, but unless I can get her into the one I want (aka, the CHEAP one...) I will probably do preschool at home. Registration is in August and its a first come first serve set up, so I guess we will see!

Anyways...all that talk because I wanted to tell you what my schedule has been like. Tangent much!?

I've been doing a ton of furniture makeovers in prep for upcoming shows (in between sign paining, my shift at the gym's childcare and the 3 kiddos) that I really wanted to share here with you all!

I do have some awesome house updates in the works as well, but for now I just want to share a fun makeover with you!

I snagged this mid century dresser for $25 at a yard sale...

before of Mid Century Dresser

MCM dresser with laminate top

It was large and had cool drawer fronts, but I was totally stumped about the top of it. It is a weird laminate that I didn't want to keep, but also didn't know what to do with. 

So, I sent a photo to my blogger friend (and queen of Mid Century thrifting) Jess at Bright Green Door and she said I was best just painting it- which coming from a purest like her, I knew was the right answer.

Not wanting to loose the awesome drawer fronts, I decided to attempt my first two-tone makeover! Painted body, and wood drawers. WIN!

(* indicates affiliate links - this means I get paid if you buy and item thru my link, but it doesn't cost you anything extra - it just helps keep this blog's ads to a minimum!)

The first thing I did was sand down and stain the drawer fronts. Jacobean stain* ended up being the winning stain after testing several other options.

After I picked the stain I need to pick a color to paint the body of the dresser. I asked for help on Instagram and overwhelmingly most voted for the light blue. 

Jacobean stained drawer fronts and picking a color for the body of a mid century dresser

 First I primed with a chalk paint and then started painting it the light blue and unfortunately I did NOT like it at ALL.

Mid Century Dresser - Navy & Jacobean

So I slapped on the other two options and it became pretty clear that I needed to go with a dark navy to get the look I wanted. (actually, white would've worked awesome, but I was pushing my self out of my comfort zone...) 

I painted several coats of the color Dot Dot Dot by Valspar, sanding in between each - followed by a wipe on poly (this is my favorite!*). I seriously, LOOOOOVE how it turned out! I'm really glad I went dark navy on it!

Mid Century Dresser - Navy & Jacobean

I feel like the navy gave it a very mad men-ish feel and looks oh-so-sexy with the wood drawers!

Mid Century Dresser - Navy & Jacobean

I toyed with the idea of putting this dresser in our master bedroom, but in the end, it doesn't fit our needs. Sad for reals...ask my husband, I'm super struggling to part with this one, but I did take photos of it in there just because. Oh! I forgot to mention there is a mirror too, but it was too heavy to install by myself, so I haven't gotten pictures of it yet.

Mid Century Dresser - Navy & Jacobean - rustic store sign - ladder with mexican blankets see why I want to keep it? (forgive the poor photos, I was having a heck of a time photographing this dresser for some reason.) Too bad it can't fit all my boot storage needs!

Instead this beauty needs to find a new home. If you are local (Boise area) its still available! Just email me to discuss the price!

One other thing! If you have a dresser like this you might want to check out what Dana from House Tweaking did with a similar dresser (same laminate top) its amazing! If I hadn't been done with this one when I saw what she did, I would've totally stole her idea!

That's it for today, hopefully I will have a kitchen update soon!

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