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Upstairs Office/ Bonus Room Updates

Its been awhile since I have updated on the progress of our upstairs bonus room / office.

When I last left off it looked like this...

Mid century credenza and Martha Stewart Sandpiper on the walls and ceiling

We had just painted the whole upstairs in Martha Stewart Sandpiper and I had grand plans of bringing in a seating area and small TV for the kids to use. I really didn't expect to use the space unless I was working in the office.

Then something happened. We decided to give the TV downstairs the boot! That's right, we decided to try living without a TV in the main living space. Our goal was to create a TV free zone so we could actually have conversations now and then! ha! (btw, I am super struggling with the layout of the living room..)

Living room without TV
(old before, but you get the idea!)

Our big sectional needed a new home and obviously the TV did too. So it all got moved upstairs. The easiest thing to do with the TV was plop it on the little mid century credenza that I made over  (top picture), but it wasn't exactly the safest thing in the world...

Any guess why I didn't blog about that hot mess!? #fail

We had a very clear problem and I was trying to come up with all sorts of ideas to make sense of it all - think built ins or a giant floating shelf - but we had much bigger projects we need to tackle, so it kept getting the shaft. Until we ran across this baby at an estate sale in Boise...

Vintage pecan mid century dresser

Its a gorgeous pecan mid century dresser (with a mirror, too!) that we snagged with a few other things for just over $100! Score!!. We both agreed it would be perfect for our huge TV and could also provide awesome storage for movies and art supplies!

And it does!!

Mid Century dresser used as a TV stand

Mid Century Dresser used as a TV stand

The scale of the dresser is much better suited to the TV and I love how it fills the wall space between the hallway and the weird little wall shelf. Much better!

The sectional fit perfect too!

Large sectional in bonus room

I still have a long ways to go in here. I want to bring in a few other colors (coral!) so that it has some of the same vibe as the kid's bathroom. I want it to be happy, bright and fun up here since its our family zone. Nothing too serious.

The other side of the office pretty much looks the same, other than I added shelves to the opposite wall, but its kind of a hot mess so we will ignore it for now. Hopefully soon I can do a whole office / bonus room reveal!

vintage steel desk - paint color Martha Stewart Sandpiper

Gotta just keep chugging along!

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