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Living Room Design Board + inspiration

Ever since getting the paint done in the living room, I can't help but dream a little about what I want the space to be.
Because this is, blah...

To tide you over until we can make some head way on that awful fireplace, I put together a mood board so you can see what my little head is dreaming about.
Just pretend there are beautiful hardwoods instead of ugly carpet, m'kay?

Obviously, I don't have the exact same furniture and some of the items on my design board are WAAAAAY out of budget, but I know I can DIY a few of them. 
Top on the list is some sort of book shelves (you don't want to know how many tubs of books I have in storage..) I love the vintage green  inspiration piece...(but at $600+ it ain't gonna happen!) so maybe DIY some pipe shelves or learn to weld !? I kid. Maybe.
The other option is doing some built-ins somewhere in the room.
Sort of like this around the front window...
or on the fireplace wall, like this...

The window placement around our fireplace and annoying heat vent make the latter option more challenging, but it would make for a much stronger feature wall, I think.
Did you notice that fireplace mantel and the tile in my design board??
I'll save you the trouble of scrolling back up. Here it is again.
I want to use wood similar to this...

But I will keep it fresh & light with some white tile like this...

There is a little something extra we will add too if it all works out, but you'll have to follow along to see!
So, there you have it. My vision for this room. I'm not rushing this process for some big blog reveal, but instead plan to carefully search out or make the things I would like in the space. More intentional design, I guess. Also, there is always the fact that we have a tiny budget. Living off one income and being a stay at home mom means I have to be very strategic with my dollars. 
I never want to give the illusion what you see here is perfection. (haha, not even close...), but I do want to show you that a room can grow and evolve over time and on budget if you have a plan. 
It can be so overwhelming sometimes, don't you think? 
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