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New Stainless Steel Apron Front Sink + how we installed it in existing cabinetry

I had the privilege of working with Westside Wholesale for this post. I was provided with a store credit and asked to do a review. All opinions are 100% my own.

You may notice that I don't do a lot of sponsored posts around here. When I have in the past, I never felt like I was doing anyone any or my readers. I decided that I would only work with sponsors if they met my self imposed criteria -
  1.  products I would buy in real life
  2.  fit DIY projects that were on our "to do" list
  3.  budget friendly if I were paying out of pocket.
My thought is, I don't want to do anything I wouldn't be doing anyways just to score free products or make some moola. We on the same page?

So, that brings us to my recent collaboration with Westside Wholesale. They approached me after seeing some of our DIYs and offered me store credit and asked me to do a review of their site. Before committing to working with them, I perused what they had to offer and was pleasantly surprised. They have a nice selection of Home & Kitchen, Heating & Cooling, Lighting, Ventilation a online warehouse store. They prices are competitive (if not better) with stores like Home Depot and Lowe's and they offered some products that you won't find unless you go to specialty stores or order online. They also offer a reward system where you can earn store credit. Plus free shipping on orders over $199 or flat shipping of $8.95 of orders under $199. 

Basically it seemed like the sort of store I would totally shop at. WIN!

They had a few suggestions of products they hoped I would consider, but the minute I spied their kitchen sinks, I knew it fit our plans for the kitchen. I did have hesitation on buying the sink I really wanted - had budget not been a factor I would have totally considered a white farmhouse sink, but I was pretending this was my own money and wanted to pick something that fit the budget. That brought me to two options, a large stainless steel single bowl under mount sink or a stainless steel single bowl apron front sink. ( I even asked your opinions on Instagram...)

I finally decided, hit the order button (after much debate and minor freaking out that we could actually install it ourselves) and in less than 10 days, this arrived...

Arrival of the sink

Holy, heck! Big box!

Vigo Stainless Steel Apron Front Sink from Westside Wholesale

Inside the box was this GORGEOUS  Vigo Stainless Steel Apron Front Sink that totally dwarfed our old one!

Here's how the install went down... 
(please keep in mind, this is what worked for us in and may not apply to your situation. What I hope our install shows you is that if you want something you can probably figure out a way to get it with a few basic skills and a little creativity...if you have specific questions feel free to leave me a comment!)

First we removed the old sink and faucet ( ewwww...gross!) ...

Removal of old sink to make way for new apron front sink

The sink came with some basic instructions and recommendations, but not much. It even stated that each sink install is unique so they couldn't tell us exactly what to do. So we did what good DIYers do, we measured A LOT to make sure the sink was going to fit. We laid the sink on the counter to mark where we planned on cutting away the laminate counter and the front of the cabinet. We lucked out because normally a apron front sink requires a special base cabinet, but in our case, there was just enough room to remove the front faux drawer and lower the brace spanning the cabinet by 1/2 inch without interfering with the placement of the doors. We also added two braces to the sides of the cabinet using 2x4 to act as the main supports for the sink. We did have some minor errors, but nothing a little caulking and coat of paint on the cabinets can't hide.

cutting away cabinet and counter to make way for apron front sink

Because we were trying to preserve our cabinet with as little modification as possible, we chose to install our sink as an above mount (you can install apron fronts 3 ways : under mount, flush mount or top mount), this meant that the sink sat about 1/2 inch higher than the counters, not ideal for how I wanted our kitchen to function -just imagine the gunk that would build up. 

Apron front sink installed

To solve the height issue we actually chose to pour concrete counters using the raised sink edge as part of our forms. I won't get into the details of the counters here (be looking on a full post soon!!) but by doing so it turned our above mount sink into a flush mount. 

Apron Front sink installed flush with concrete counters

The last thing we did was install our faucet and add a new ring to mount the garbage disposal.

I'm 100% happy with this sink!

Like seriously, this sink is any cooks best friend. It's gigantic and shiny and hides a TON of dishes. I also couldn't be happier with the service from Westside Wholesale. It was fast delivery, the product was exactly what I wanted and the price was pretty awesome!! My only complaint is that since your shopping online, you have to have a little faith in what you're ordering - make sure you measure properly! I'd also recommend reviewing their return policy as well. That said, I would definitely suggest adding them to your list of places to check when shopping for DIY and Home Improvement supplies.

Isn't it beautiful!?

The new sink is pretty handy for bathing fat babies too...

We still have a few things left on our Kitchen to do list:
- paint Walls & Ceiling
- paint island & hood vent
- paint or re-stain perimeter cabinets
- replace counter tops
- replace back splash - demoed!!
- change globes on pendant lights
- replace tile floor
- get smaller microwave- fix microwave shelf area
- new blinds
- new stools
- new sink and faucet

Be checking back for more about the counters and faucet installation!
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