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Wooden Entryway Locker - before & after

Did you see my entryway reveal last week?

Did you notice my cool wooden locker...?

It didn't start off so pretty.

This is what it looked like when I snagged it at a yard sale for $5...

Pretty nasty wouldn't you say?

I would have loved to leave the color, but it was a very bad yellowish-white. I could also see that it was originally green, so painting something similar seemed like a great idea!

I lightly sanded my locker just to remove loose paint,

I then gave it two coats of my Be Junk Chic Paint (the cutest little company started by a pretty amazing lady!)...

You can't really tell, but the center panel on the doors are a weird cardboard type material. The paint went on so smooth that it saved me from having to replace it right away! So nice!

Plus, Its the perfect blue/green color and feels very vintagey!

Normally I would have made my own paint, but after using my Be Junk paint, I'm not sure I can ever go back! It was a pretty large locker and used less than 1/2  a pint of paint. YAY!! That means I can paint more things!!!!!!!

After just two coats of paint (and about 1 hr of work - prep included!) I distressed it slightly and gave it a coat of wipe on poly. I could have waxed it, but this is in a high traffic area and I wanted a little extra durability. I will definitely be trying the wax on my next project tho!

Be Junk Chic Paint collection - Caribbean

What do you think?

Turned out pretty great, right??!!

Go NOW! 

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