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New World Market Metal Dining Chairs

The post title totally gives me away, but I'm going to tell you a little story anyways.
Once upon a time...
just kidding, that is how my little Elle starts ALL her stories.

On with it.

I had an out of body experience the other day...

My husband and I were walking up to +Cost Plus World Market in search of a shower curtain when we saw the holy grail of the clearance world...

a 75% OFF sign for all Outdoor Furniture.

And it was sitting on a metal chair.

There were 5 chairs in all...

2 red (orange?), 1 blue (black?) and 2 yellow.

I was almost excited, except with only being 5 chairs I was holding back. 

So inside we headed. I wanted to head straight for the outdoor section in pursuit of the 6th chair, but we got side tracked by our original purpose- shower curtain.

Then Miss Elle had to use the potty...

then we got distracted by baskets, and rugs and pillows... you get the idea.

I started to get anxious because I knew someone else would want MY chairs

FINALLY we made it to the outdoor section. 

There weren't any more chairs. 

I started freaking out as we headed to checkout.

My husband thought we should just get the five, I wasn't sure.

So, I headed back to the front of the store to double check that I wanted the chairs.

and what do you know...

there were 6!!


So even tho we were only after a shower curtain, we came home with these...

Red , yellow , blue metal chairs

for just about $150. 


Only I'm in a conundrum now.  How to unify them?

We banished our old chairs to the garage (still untouched from the day I bought  them, I might add...) and brought these in around my newly painted table. I had just painted it a week prior to finding chairs, because it was gross from my kids and a I failed to seal it the first time I painted it.

Here's what my table looked like at the beginning of the year...

Dining room before - mid century dining chairs and white table

Now, I'm living with the hot mess of color, but only until we can decide on a color to paint the chairs.

After - World Market metal chairs in multiple colors and painted dining table, yellow hutch
(hey look! I didn't even bother to clear away my coffee mug or boosters...or edit my crummy iPhone shot for you.... #reallife )

Here are a few ideas:

Side Chair in Mint Green
I need to pick a color and decide if I want a clean look or something a bit more distressed.
Also, I'm trying to keep the bigger picture in mind... future white cabinets...lighter color walls...rustic farm table....white trim...oh, and the pretty yellow cabinet I've never blogged about, its staying yellow.

I'd love some ideas or color suggestions!!!???
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