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Yard Sale Find + {inspired}

Here I am. Up bright and early because I have to share my AMAZING yard sale find!! Please forgive my cell phone time to do a proper shoot !

We scored a set of 6 Swedish mid century modern chairs (and a table) for $40!!
 Oh and yes, I'm pretty sure that's the original fabric!

The chairs are in great shape, STURDY(praise be!) and so cool. Yes COOL. I love the modern lines...maybe a little unexpected in a country girls house, but refinished they will be even more divine!

 I'm picturing something like this...

or this...
or even this...

I'm going to have to have the hubby build a table since the original won't fit in our house.
What do you think!? Which direction should I take these little beauties? Would love some input!

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  1. Ooooh cool! I like the second one..all weathered & distressed looking! what does the table look like? Wonder if it would fit in my dining room? Lol!;-)

  2. So exciting Amber! What an amazing find!! I think it will look fabulously eclectic in a 'country girls house'!! Can't wait to see what you do:)


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