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Hallway Toy Storage Makeover

Those of us with kids know one thing.

Kids = Toys

I dislike toys and try not to keep many around, but they seem to multiply with every kid we add to the family.
Which means storing said toys is a NIGHTMARE.

We have a bonus room/playroom/guest room/office, on the upper level of our home. It's big, but lacks storage. Funny enough, we have gobs of storage, just not in the actual bonus room. Its all in the hallway BEFORE you enter the room. 

Storage Wall Before

I fell in love with the idea of all this storage when we were looking at the house.
AND then this is what it ended up looking like...

Storage Wall before

...basically a hodge podge of boxes and bins with no rhyme or reason to anything and lots of wasted space. The kids were good at getting stuff out, but we all know putting things back NEVER happens

Storage Wall Before organizing
(haha, my disheveled kid and a Roxy butt photo bomb.)

So the other day I was wandering through +Target , eating my popcorn and sipping on a diet coke (why is Diet Coke so good there?), anyways, I spied some plastic milk crates in an array of colors. The turquoise caught my eye and the price was pretty awesome... $3.49!? They didn't have enough in turquoise, so I debated on getting white or gray to round it out. I settled on gray - after many eye rolls and some impatient grunts from my husband.

He just LOVES my decision making process. Or not.

With a little shelf adjusting I was able to get 3 to fit across perfectly! The depth was spot on too, but I clearly didn't buy enough!

Built in shelves part way full of milk crates
...and this isn't a sponsored post...

HA! So I headed back with the intention of buying 9 more. Only I saw the cute coordinating hamper and snatched it up, knowing it would be perfect for stuffed animals!

I removed one of shelves to create a spot for the hamper!

I'm a genius.
Toy Storage using Target Milk Crates and a Hamper

Or at the very least I feel like I worked a miracle in our hallway!!

Toy Storage using Target Milk Crates and a Hamper - Turquoise and gray

We just finished organizing all the toys into categories, which I'm sure won't last, but at least they are put away. The very top row is still empty, so I will use that to store some of my random office/craft stuff.

What do you think?

My husband was worried they would look cheap. Which they are and kinda do, but I think in a playful, kid friendly way. I like the pop of color, too!

Now onto my next dilemma...

Here is another before shot of the blank wall from my Baby Gate post...
I've got some ideas, but would love to hear your suggestions!
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