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Introducing Small Business Spotlight - Fanfaron + a Giveaway!

Happy First Saturday of August (say wha!?)!
I have been wanting to do a new blog series for a while that I'm calling:
Small Business Spotlight

As a stay-at-home mom who runs a small Etsy business on the side and an avid champion of the free enterprise system, I wanted to give back and help support small businesses and start ups using my blog as a platform. The first Saturday of every month I will be featuring a small business that is either local or online. As a featured store, they will get one month of free advertising on my blog and exposure through my Social Media outlets.
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Hi, I’m Laura.  Amber has graciously given me space to share a project that I hope will be great fun for you to complete with the children in your life.  But first, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and my shop.

I started my Etsy shop, Fanfaron, in 2012, after leaving a six-year teaching career.  Up until now, Fanfaron has been all about creating fun and affordable jewelry and jewelry storage solutions.  Here’s one of my bracelets:

I love to make unique custom pieces to meet specific needs of friends and customers. I also love that I can use some of the profits from Fanfaron to support career training for women and girls in third world countries.  If you’d like to read more of my story, including the origin of the name Fanfaron, check out  

As I alluded to, I used to teach elementary school.  Though, by choice, I am no longer in the classroom, I continue to have a passion for giving students opportunities to be creative and let their imaginations take flight.  Muhammad Ali once said, “The man who has no imagination has no wings.”  And I believe it is true.  

This passion has led to my newest project: creating a series of videos to show children and their parents how to do fun, inexpensive craft projects.

My first video below teaches you how to make a 3D paper house:

To keep it easy, the house is based on a template available in my Etsy shop.  It’s an instant download that you can print from your home computer.  However, if you are feeling particularly inspired, you can make your own.

Bri and Alliah, two beautiful girls (ages 4 and 6) who are near and dear to my heart, made a paper house with me about a month ago.  They love their house and are still playing with it.

If you decide to make one or several paper houses with your kids, I’d love to hear about it.  Post a picture to my Facebook page at  You can also like the page and you’ll get an update when my next video is ready: a video about making paper people and animals for your house.

Happy crafting and may your imagination take flight!

Here’s a few links to the paper house template and some of my favorite items in my Etsy shop:

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